Now A Malware For Series 60 Third Edition? Please Don’t Panic!

This is one disturbing piece of news. Reports on the internet suggest that as of today Series 60 Third Edition is no longer virus/malware free. The credit for taking away the virus free title goes to a software known as the “Isexplayer” which acts as a pornographic portal offering a myriad of “services”. Once the .sis file is installed, the software reportedly automatically dials a premium-rate international phone number without the owners’ knowledge.

The application during installation asks for the user’s permission to make calls and after that reportedly makes calls itself. Now that the news part is done, lets get into what is this all about. First up this might not be true at all and be just another rumour.

Second, even if it is true and such an application exists, it is impossible for you to get affected automatically. You will need to manually get hold of the application and then install it after going through the warnings. Third, only people with ‘hacked’ phones are at risk and that too if they choose to install. If you have no idea what ‘hacked phone’ means – you are completely safe. This application is unsigned and therefore cannot be directly installed on a normal S60.

The reason I chose to use the word ‘disturbing’‘ is not because this will be an outbreak and people will have affected phones, but because such news more than likely will cause a tremendous hype and panic amongst people who will now start looking at completely not needed anti virus applications.

Bottomline, if you have a hacked phone be careful while installing untrusted applications, as for the others pretend as if this never happened.

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2 thoughts on “Now A Malware For Series 60 Third Edition? Please Don’t Panic!”

  1. This is not a true malware but at the time of installation it does ask for permission to call an international number. I will add what the user agreement says

    But what it did in my case is dial an international number for which I was billed 799 Indian Rupees affter just installing the app. These calls were made automatically. I have the bill details with me as well

    The license agreement (I am sure not many rad the complete stuff)
    “B)Access fee:Users get unlimited access to the and is billed subsequently per entry. The access is billed by calls made to an international destination. The application will try to call destinations which is the most inexpensive for the subscriber (based on the subscribers country of residence), but are not in any matter obligated to do so. You agree to let the application make these calls to pay for access fee when due according to these billing terms. Total call duration for unlimited access may vary from 10 minutes to four hundred minutes per entry, depending on the subscribers country of origin and available international destination”

  2. Hello, me (Mr. 0day), and my team have hold of an 0day SEH overwrite exploit working on the Symbian generic O/S. It can be exploited through SMS & Bluetooth. We we’re able to spread real malware through 15 phones in a test network instantly. If you are interested, email us to join the auction IRC channel at The highest bidder is currently offering $17K USD.

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