Introducing Nokia Chat & The Ovi Suite Desktop Application

The newest application to roll out of Beta Labs is Nokia Chat. It is an application that shows up in the phonebook in the form of a tab, (like Conversations) and allows fast and easy access to chat. In addition to basic chatting capabilities, it also integrates location information and the ability to send your current location as a landmark to your friends.The ability to add and invite friends is also there. You will need to install the Nokia Internet Services Support Package first before install the Chat application. More on Symbian-Guru.

There is also news of the Ovi Suite Desktop application that Ricky demonstrates on S-G. It seems as if finally the Ovi Picture is finally coming together. The Ovi Suite include the typical PC Suite features, the ability to sync your device with Outlook, transfer files, and install applications is all there.

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  1. Maybe one of the most important point, is the fact that Nokia Chat is compatible with the XMPP protocol.

    XMPP is the IETF-standardized, federating protocol for IM (and much more).


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