One Year Of The Symbian Blog & Bluetooth Headsets Giveaway!

Bluetooth Headsets Giveaway!

I have just realised that it has been over an year since The Symbian Blog went online and it has been an absolutely amazing experience. It was on the 20th of May 2007 that my first post went up and since that day it has been a pleasure looking at what you guys have had to say and then trying to learn my lessons. Along the way I have met some wonderful people and have hopefully made some long lasting friendships. I also realise that I am almost two months late in writing this ‘Happy Birthday Blog’ post, so I have something that should compensate for the same. I won’t waste anymore time on nostalgia and get straight to the point.

As a very special thank you, to you loyal readers, I have 3 very exciting Nokia giveaways. The first is a Stereo Bluetooth headset, the second is a Mono Bluetooth headset and the third is a Nseries T-Shirt. Details on how to win below!

I’ll try and keep this simple, so you won’t need to shoot a video, upload it and so on. This will be based on pure luck. All you need to do is, register at the Nseries Fusion Challenge website and once you do that, leave your username in the comments section. After July 27, once registrations close on the Fusion Website, I will pick 3  entries by an online random number generator and thats it. I will contact you via email and your prizes will be shipped to you! In case you have already registered, just put your Nseries Fusion Challenge username in the comments section, do make sure you leave a valid email address.

Nseries Fusion Challenge is aimed at promoting the Geo-Tagging culture and use of the ever improving Sports Tracker application to document your life and have richer memories. The contest is open to everyone in India even if you are not in any of the central cities that you see on the Fusion Homepage. To register all you need to do is select the city closest to you or the one you would be happy to travel to in case you win at the city level.

Much more information on the Nseries Fusion Challenge can be found here. Additionally, by taking active part in the Fusion Challenge, you can win some great prizes. There are quite a few brand new N78’s plus Nokia Bluetooth accessories on the line and a trip to Turkey for the grand winner. However for the purpose of the contest here on The Symbian Blog, all you need to do is register and leave your username in the comments section.

(Note: The Giveaway is valid only in India. Sorry!)

57 thoughts on “One Year Of The Symbian Blog & Bluetooth Headsets Giveaway!”

  1. Congrats on completing a year. It’s good that you are consistent with the posting. Keep it up!

    Sadly, i’m not in India although an Indian.



  2. my team in nbenrey, congratulations on your anniversary I follow your blog and I like it a lot continue posting!!!

  3. hey!
    i always wanted to start a successful blog but it never worked out.
    anyway congrats!
    and my username is Silver Snappers!

  4. Hi there!!! Congrats on the year. P.S this is the only Indian mobile blog worthy of recognition.

    Username: Klutter

  5. happy anniversary…

    i registered just now…

    team name i have given “anjath” (without quotes)

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