Initial Impressions Of The E71

Initial Impressions Of The E71
Initial Impressions Of The E71

This is one device I have been waiting to get my hands on from time news got out that such a phone exists! I originally planed to hold off till the time the E71 White came out but after a while I simply couldn’t resist and forgot about my enamour and gave the grey variant a go. Turns out, Grey isn’t so bad after all, it in fact is very good looking. Considering, the fact that I had a prejudice against it when the press photos came out, it still amazes me how I absolutely fell for it as soon as I had held it.

On opening the box, what amazed me was the size of the device, it is small. After reading reviews and opinions of people around the internet I expected the device to be small but the image I had in mind just didn’t measure up. In preparation for the E71, I played around with the E61i for a little while and compared to that the E71 is a true revelation in terms of size.


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Nokia is slowly but surely perfecting the art of giving consumers a good out of the box, first bootup experience. The settings wizard automatically configures operator settings, access points and so on based on the sim card inserted, a friendly ‘Welcome’ screen pops up to greet the user, while ‘Switch‘ is ready to get all his/her contacts, calender, messages across from the old phone even if it is a Series 40 Nokia.

The next part is what impressed me, since everyone and his dog these days seems to want Push Email, (quoting Steve here) Nokia decided to oblige. Once the above is done, Emoze, the push email solution launches with an option to use the free service or buy a licence. The service works well with Gmail and that means it works well for almost everyone. The application integrates itself well into the inbuilt messaging suite and with the dedicated Email key and allows you to define whether you want continuous push email or an update every ‘x’ minutes.

The reason I am happy with this small freeware’s addition is that in my opinion a large majority of the Eseries devices are bought by non corporates who do not have corporate email setups and those people rarely install new applications. Emoze for them will add a lot of value to the phone they just bought. With time Emoze will probably give way to Nokia’s homegrown Push Email solution and Eseries owners will probably get a free licence.

In total, without a computer, it took me a little less that 10 minutes to get all the stuff from my E90 across, get push email running and *forget* I ever owned a E90. If I were to rate the experience I’d be tempted to give it a 10/10.


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As you may know, the E71 is the slimest QWERTY device in the market today and it takes a while to get over its size or rather lack of it. This is a plus in the E71’s favour, as the E61i’s successor it does drop from a 2.8″ screen to a much smaller 2.4″ but it is entirely worth it since the resolution remains the same and there is no loss in terms of actual screen real estate.

My next apprehension was the size of the keys, this is something I still have inspite of two days of usage. As time goes on, I am becoming faster and less error prone on the keyboard but I still am not fully convinced about my big thumbs being able to cope up. What is probably saving the E71 is the wonderful new predictive text input method that completes words for me, fixes spelling mistakes/typos and capitalises my ‘i”s. The picture should become clearer in a few more days and at that point expect a complete comparison.

On the first day of using the E71 I had become convinced that my E90 was going to hit ebay to make way for the E71. It surprised me how a 470$ device was giving such competition to a 840$ monster. With a little more time my fondness for the E71 has grown but at the same time the importance of the E90 is being felt. Since moving from the Nseries powered N95 to the E90 the biggest thing I have missed is the Camera and with the E71 that gap widens quite a bit. Just today morning I needed to take some important images and the E71 failed me with its 3.2 megapixel camera and the bad camera software state. I no longer seemed to consider I had a camera on me, which wasn’t true when I still had the E90.

The E71 still might end up giving the E90 a run for its money, specially so when the targetted user doesn’t already own one. But one thing is for sure, this device will sell like hot cakes and will be bought by people who have nothing to do with the ‘E’ in Eseries. It is by far the most good looking Nokia ever. Period.

In the coming time, expect a detailed review and in case you want a specific aspect covered or have a question, just drop a line below.

13 thoughts on “Initial Impressions Of The E71”

  1. review this thing:
    the speakers or loudness of ringtones and text message alerts.

    both E66 and E71 have speakers at the back like E51. i use E51 and sometimes i miss the alerts. so how does the loudness compare to E51?

  2. I wanted to know more about the keypad. I mean will it be easy to use for people who have medium sized thumbs. And how many days it took you to actually type without mistakes on it.

    And you already mentioned that the camera is a big minus which is usual in the case of ‘E’ series. Only if nokia understood this and brought out the camera and non camera version at the same time. Atleast it would have reduced the price by around Rs.3,000.

    Also how is the quality of the VGA camera in front. Didnt hear people talk about it much.

  3. Thanks a lot for high quality first impression write-up! I personally count strongly on your opinion. In your detailed review, I’d request you to kindly cover the following points:-
    1. Please make a comparison of the camera of E71 with the camera of other 3.2 or 2 mp N series nokia cameras like that of N73 and N72.
    2. Please let us know the actual achievable word per minute typing speed on E71, after, say, one month’s use.
    3. And, is E71 equally user-friendly and easy-to-use like other basic nokia handsets?
    4. Can I use Nokia E71 as laptop-substitute? While away from home, on the go I want to use my cellphone for typing fast to take long notes, organise my days schedule, creat and edit documents, drafting and sending and checking a lot of emails with attachments, posting my writings directly to blogs, surfing web, taking occational snaps and small video clips and post them directly to related websites, and for listening to some music.
    Will E71 be able to do these works on the go? If not, is there any other better candybar-shaped alternative handheld?
    Expecting a detailed review soon! Only after going through your review, I’ll finally decide on buying E71! Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for your first impressions on the E71. My questions would be:
    1) Could you give us a detailed list of the fields that are found in the “Contacts” and “Calendar” applications. Is it possible to personalize the “Contacts” fields like for N series?
    2) How does the phone cope with accented caracters? Can they be found and typed easily? If a message is received in a foreign language, is it displayed correctly (the right caracters displayed instead of odd ones or hollow squares… Willing to send messages to try and check results)
    Many Thanks in advance

  5. “Just today morning I needed to take some important images and the E71 failed me with its 3.2 megapixel camera and the bad camera software state. I no longer seemed to consider I had a camera on me, which wasn’t true when I still had the E90.”

    did you try to press T key before capturing a picture to focus on subject?

  6. Dilbert, of course! 🙂 The problem with it is the huge capture time and the horrible purple tint!

    Guys, keep your questions/opinions coming, I’ll be sure to go over them!

  7. guys

    Purple tint is a REAL DRAWBACK in E71.
    This may be the cause why people are bit reluctant in buying this phone.
    Please let me know if nokia have launched any freeware to resolve this issue.

  8. Nice review!!

    I just bought a Nokia E71 yesterday… and I’ve got to say my first impressions were rather flawless (compared to all previous devices I’ve ever used).

    I feel good 🙂

  9. Hi,
    Has any of u guys purchased the e71. Does the photo
    taken with the camera have a purple tint.
    How do u resolve this issue?


  10. Love the Nokia E71 it does everything I want it to!
    Just wondering can anyone tell me how you type accented words with the QWERTY keyboard?(è, é ç etc). Is there something that can be downloaded for this?

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