Three Killer Themes For The E71

The title of the post is a little misleading, the themes are not only for the E71 but should work well on most S60 third edition handsets. The reason I’ve specifically mentioned the E71 is because they go wonderfully with its dark grey exterior. As they say, a poor theme can kill a handset’s appearence and a good one can take it way further, these do exactly that. (Note: I’m not quite sure if ‘they’ actually say so, or I made it up!)

The E71 has brought with it a new set of default icons which are eye sores for a lot of us, these themes thankfully come with custom icons and replace them. Certain folder icons however do not change and will need to be deleted and worked upon manually. However, to my eye they no longer look as bad in the company of the custom ones. Jump over for the themes and screenshots.

First up is Babi’s Dark In Grey from the Dark & Colours set that just came out today. My favourite.

Another dark theme, the second one comes from Giambi and is called Stylish.

The third again is a Babi creation, for times when you grow out of the dark ones above. The theme is called White Brown.

I’ve never really had a specific themes for specific handsets approach, but the above combination is making me think otherwise. Do you have a favourite that looks particularly better on a specific handset?

53 thoughts on “Three Killer Themes For The E71”

  1. It says CERTIFICATE ERROR, what should I do??? I tried with many themes for my E71. For some themes it says CERTIFICATE ERROR and for some themes it says, .sis not supported! 🙁

  2. It says certificate error for all the three themes. I changed the date few months back as well but still the same error message pops up. What should I do?

  3. @ Ankur,

    Go to :
    Menu -> Installations -> App Manager
    Options (Left selection ket)
    Change the setting for Software Installation from “Signed Only” to “All”.

    You should be right

  4. I tried to connect my E71 to my laptop for using net in Connect to web mode as well as Nokia PC Mode. It tried to install the software but it says untrusted software found…go to application manager for installing. I have installed PC suite.

  5. There is a problem with my E71. After 2 or 3 days its menu button stops working. When i press the menu button nothing happens. But wen i restart my phone everything goes fine. But this is happening repeatedly. What should i do. Is anyone facing this problem

  6. As for the untrusted error, do as James said and the application should install fine. As for the second thing, I haven’t experienced it, but if it bothers you, a simple format will fix it.

  7. I use s60 white on my n 82 (vaibhav of course the lead source!) and this is just just fantastic. Menu in green, upper tabs in pink and overall a white white feel. So genuine, so great

  8. hey thanks james and vaibhav… i did as james wrote and it installs and works fine now… thx again

  9. Tried the dark Babi theme on my E71 and it caused a heap of issues with freezing screen and poor performance from the handset. Strange, never suffered with that from a theme on any of my previous E series phones, and even more of a shame because it looks fantastic! Anyone else had a problem?

  10. Honestly, i dont like the black colour background, but these “three killer themes” apps icon very attractive. Finally, i have to choose the third “white brown” theme. Thanks

  11. can u plz give me more themes for E71!!i hav one but need more of different kinds and most of the themes donot hav all the icons plz give me themes in which all the icon are modified

  12. Can you work on the icons for Office, GPS and Help in the main menu? Some of the icons are customised but some are not. That makes everything really weir.d

  13. I installed on E71. Looks good but the date (on top line) – does not show at all. Also the clock, instead of analog – is digital.
    How to fix?

  14. damn

    tried to download on E71 with changing the year from 08 to 07..stil cant install….help…error of certificate crap…

  15. Hi your themes are my favourite.
    I upgraded my e71’s firmware to 110.07.127 – after that I found that they have turned the text of Contacts to black!
    Which means that all the themes I had doesn’t look good when it comes to the Contacts page anymore – black text on black background 🙁
    I am now using your WhiteBrown theme – which solves the problem but I really love black color theme… can you help?
    Thanks! Weekhang

  16. hi peeps,

    i got the same problem as Ankur Sharma.

    “There is a problem with my E71. After 2 or 3 days its menu button stops working. When i press the menu button nothing happens. But wen i restart my phone everything goes fine. But this is happening repeatedly. What should i do. Is anyone facing this problem”

    I tried to install themes on the phone and the sd memory.
    It makes no difference.

    Anyone has an idea to fix this?


  17. i installed the theme, i like to uninstall it but its not listed in the application manager? why is this?

  18. Радует, что ваш блог постоянно развивается. Такие посты только прибавляют популярности.

  19. Hey
    Sorry to be a pain, love the themes.
    Downloaded one and noted that when a call comes in from a contact, no name or number comes up, just a blank white box. Other numbers not associate with contacts do come up.
    If I replace a standard theme, the name of the contact shows.
    How do I fix this or is it a E71 bug?

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