How To Move Your T9 Dictionary To Your New Phone

One of the major annoyances that people face when they move to a new phone or format it or flash a new firmware is the loss of the T9 customisation that they have accumulated over a period of time. Just today, Tim commented on the QWERTY v. T9 speed test rundown about the lack of such a feature and that got me thinking and brought me to this very simple solution.

It is indeed not only possible but also very easy to save/transfer the T9 customisation across S60 phones. All you need is a freeware like Y-Browser or any other file manager of your choosing. Step by step detail below.

1. Install Y-Browser on both devices.

2. Navigate to C:\Predic\ on the phone which has the T9 customisation.

3. Copy the file in that directory and keep it safe in the memory card if you are going to format/flash the phone. If you want to transfer the customisation, then simple send the file to the other phone.

4. On the other phone, navigate to C:\Predic and delete the existing file.

5. Once you do that, simple copy the file that you sent from the old phone into this folder.

6. Thats it, you should now have the same customised dictionary as on the older phone.

Note: Somehow, this didn’t work for me in the first go, but a restart and a second attempt later, it was a go. I tried again on another set of phones and it worked in the first go itself.

Nokia already offers a great application that allows us to switch phones seamlessly with contact, calender, message, Notes and even recent calls etc information being a breeze to send across, and with this out of the way too, its sure a piece of cake.

Update: The one thing I apparently missed was Rita’s post on Switching handsets that covers the above as well as a whole lot of other things including Map favourites, Sports Tracker data and so on. Recommended reading.

16 thoughts on “How To Move Your T9 Dictionary To Your New Phone”

  1. Rita, I swear I didn’t go through that post, I guess I should have but didn’t! 🙂
    Now that I have, your guide is a must read, for anyone new to this business. Post updated! 😀

  2. hehe no harm 😀 i was just pointing it out, because I had covered a lot of stuff in that post that people don’t normally know about, the more it’s mentioned, the more likely people will know how to easily switch handsets 😀

  3. Hi,

    This is actually very useful specially for me where I have saved lot many names but then I can not locate the folder. I go to C:\ amd from then onwards its a lost world for me!!

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