Nokia Chat, Map Loader Updated & Nokia Email Debutes On Beta Labs

The feature packed, presence enabled application called Nokia Chat that was released a few weeks ago has received an update, fixing a lot of small bugs. The report from the Beta Labs is that the new version contains fixes to voice message related malfunctions, connectivity related problems and that the battery life should get quite a boost. Also, errors while entering items into the Phonebook shouldn’t happen anymore.

The ability to open links from the chat conversation is now possible and for those of you using an E90, the enter-key can now be used for sending messages and there shouldn’t be a problem in rendering the friend list from now on. Download link.

The next big announcement today is that Nokia’s native push Email client that hopes to take on the likes of Blackberry has just reared its head on Beta Labs. The team behind the Email client is already open to suggestions and feature requests and the Beta Labs debut should take this one notch up. We can now expect a much more informed developmental phase. So if you already haven’t tried Nokia’s solution, the time is now. Be sure to provide feedback through comments, defect reports and suggestions regarding your experience with this service. I, for example would like a shorter retrieval internal of 15 minutes unlike the 30 minutes or complete push that is currently available.

Last, if you the sort who like to keep the latest versions of every softwares they use, I am happy to inform you that Map Loader has been updated to v 2.0.2. (Via: AAS)

5 thoughts on “Nokia Chat, Map Loader Updated & Nokia Email Debutes On Beta Labs”

  1. i fail to see the need for nokia email , seems an overlap when imap with idle functionality is available

  2. I have been using the Nokia Email client on my N95-1 for sometime now but never gave it a serious thought till it actually showed up on the Nokia Beta Labs site. Well, now I have it online all the time and I must say the push functionality is really working fine. Just a few minutes back I was working on my laptop and recieved a mail on my gmail account, guess what? My N95 ,with Nokia Email running, gave me a new mail notification atleast 20-30 seconds before google’s own “gtalk” came up with a notification on the laptops screen. This thig really works. I just hope the add the folder synching capability.

  3. This beta does not have support for hotmail (not that i use) and corporate mail(a must). As anuj mentioned, cannot create folders.

    I will probably wait for them to fix these issues and come out with their pricing strategy. If they opt for one time pricing, i will jump at it, but if they push it thru operator on a monthly basis, my operator with chew me left right and center on the plan (airtel!).

    Am on seven beta and works fantasticly on my phone. If everything becomes pricey, i will always have IMAP Idle or emoze to fall back upon!!!

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