Rediscovering SportsTracker With The N78

One of the things I have been wanting to do for quite a while now is extensively try out the latest version of the multifaceted ‘Sports Tracker’ application. Like I’ve said earlier , since the time it first came out, it has undergone so much change and improvements that ’sportstracker’ is an understatement and well, a little misleading and because of this a lot of us fail to put it to its best use which is not sports but recording a trek/trip.

The lower range of the Himalayas is pretty near from where I live and the day before yesterday’s cloudy and windy weather was a perfect invitation in the otherwise sultry heat. So, I and a few friends decided to go uphill for lunch, a one and a half our drive. To give us company, we had a range of Nokia devices from the N78 to the E90 to the N82 and the E71. I did not have sportstracker installed on the N82, so I decided the N78 was going to be the phone for the job. (In the end, it proved to be a wise choice, reasons below.)

It is human tendency to try and revisit or relive the past and that is why we enjoy pictures and videos so much. With advancements in technology, this has become an even more enjoyable experience and sports  tracker and newer Nseries/Eseries take it to a completely new level. Now not only can we know the exact position on a map where the photos and videos were taken but also trace the path we took getting there. All of this in my book adds up to one hell of an experience, not only for those involved but also for the friends/family back home who can simply hit the sportstracker website and see your progress live.

In my case, this was a small trip and the black line shows the route we followed, the photo and video icons show the exact location where those shots were taken and the map also shows our highest/lowest points along with the fastest/slowest ones.

If you haven’t tried using this before, I recommend using this link to visit the above trail on the Sports Tracker website and get a feel of the experience for yourself. Another good things is that sportstracker also allows you to keep your trails private or share it only with friends or with anyone. This coupled with live tracking is beautiful, however from now on when you lie about your location to anyone make sure they have no clue what Sports Tracker can do!

Another way of viewing and showing off your trail is the Nseries Life Widget , which can be embedded into your Facebook, iGoogle, Blogger or other profiles.

Clicked media automatically pops up on the trail with an option of a map or satellite based background.

There is an option to select different journeys, only the the ones set public are visible.

The widget also allows you to view all the uploaded media separately. Details on how to set it up here .


Coming back to the Sports Tracker application, uploading a trail is a breeze once you have paired the service with the phone.

Just navigate to the Training Diary>Workouts and select a Trail.

Make sure you have a SIM inserted and hit upload.

Once the route is uploaded, it automatically asks for permission to search for and upload pictures and video taken during the journey. This is done by accessing the time stamp of each picture/video.

Now simply login to the sports tracker website and view the ‘workout’. (Click to enlarge.)

Clicking on a image icon brings up the relevant geo-tagged image.

The videos are also streamed in a similar manner.


Before yesterday I wasn’t too impressed with it. Infact I almost didn’t like it. The keys, FP2 didn’t seem all that great and the psychological impact of coming down from a 5MP camera to 3.2 was too much. But yesterday’s play made me reconsider my opinion. The N78 is essentially a multimedia device with a focus on music and the camera. The music part I already knew was awesome, plugging in a N78 vis-a-vis a N82 into my car stereo itself spelled out a difference. The sound with the N78 was much deeper, stronger and had the right treble & bass.

What I liked about the camera was that it was fast (at least as fast as the N82, if not faster), clicking multiple images while the car was moving was no issue at all and the auto focus performed well. The battery too held on beautifully inspite of sports tracker continuously running in the background for 5 hours, some music and after taking over a hundred pictures. I left home at 8 in the morning and around the same time in the evening the phone was still alive, albeit with one bar left. The N78 had performed ‘its role’ to perfection.

Although the N78 still isn’t my kind of handset, but from now on it’ll be a tougher call between it and the N82. For me, what this experience has done is make me look forward to the N96, much more than earlier.


17 thoughts on “Rediscovering SportsTracker With The N78”

  1. Mostly use Sportstracker to keep a record of my workouts and its daily comaprisons… its great even when used for the actual purpose it is made for J

  2. Lil confused in adding media to my trail, do I need to log off sportstracker if I have to click pictures, wont that shut the activity? Please help…

  3. “Ur progress can b uploaded on d sportstracker website!”
    This is definitely a step further in social networking… cool..

  4. Alia, it takes less than a minute on any connection. Seconds. Media uploads may take time depending on what connection you are using.

    ayushman, just send the sportstracker application to the background by hitting the menu key and take pictures normally. Sportstracker will continue to run in the background.

    Arjun, just select the appropriate version from the download section on the sportstracker website.

  5. In n82 do we still need options in photographs to be geo-tagged to use the tagging of images in sports-tracker? Or does sports-tracker automatically turn this facility on?

  6. Sorry Vaibhav, i meant when we are using sports-tracker and want to geo-tagg images do we have to turn-on geo-tagging in our camera options or does running sports-tracker automatically switch this facility on when we take a photo while sports-tracker is running?

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