The N96 To Start Shipping In Early September, iPhone Fans Pay Attention

Much to my delight, Nokia today officially unveiled the N96 here in India, over a month before the global expected shipping date. The reason I am so happy about the release date being advanced to early September is because the iPhone is all set to rear its head in India on August the 22nd at an exorbitant 700$ plus price. What this means is that the N96 will be able to take on Apple’s offering and this will make for an interesting watch in the coming months. This post shares some of the inside details on the contents of the production N96.


The N96, as you may recall is the 5 megapixel, dual LED touting, GPS & WiFi enabled, 16 GB holding, DVB-H enabled, TV out capable behmoht. In addition to the impressive specsheet the N96 will pack a few more goodies too, here are a few details.


I absolutely love quality third party applications and its great to see Nokia take steps to make people realise the true potential of their S60 device. The application set the N96 is set to ship with is quite impressive.

  • Wave Secure: The application enables you to secure everything on the device wirelessly. One can save and create a back up of all data (contacts, SMS, call logs and calendar entries) through the Internet. Additionally, in the event that it is lost or stolen, WaveSecure helps remotely wipe out all data from the device to prevent misuse, lock the device remotely and even track any new SIM card inserted. A definite must have. It might not be as powerful as Guardian, but packs nifty additional features such as online backups.
  • Oxford Dictionary: A dictionary is one of the first things I install on my phone and like the newer Eseries, the N96 will ship with an Oxford English dictionary containing over 2,40,000 words, phrases & definitions in the A-Z format and help for spelling & grammar.
  • Mobiola Screen Capture: Screen Capture application enables you to project your phone’s screen onto your PC by establishing a connection via USB or Bluetooth. Loads of times you need to display the Phone’s screen on the PC and TV out isn’t an option, this is where this application comes in.
  • Indi SMS – Indi SMS application integrates with message Inbox allows you to type in English & it will be then convert that text into converted into any of the 9 languages. (Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Marathi & Malayalam). Brilliant. While, I personally don’t see much practical usage for myself, something like this can be good fun. I wonder if we can get something like this for other non Indian languages.


  • The N96 doesn’t seem to be in a mood to disappoint, on the multimedia side, to show off its 2.8″ screen and great audio quality, it will ship with with the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’, 50 music video and a mix of 200 music tracks in Hindi & English.
  • It will also rock 3 N-Gage games with an unlimited license on for Asphalt Urban. Beautiful. Don’t we all love freebies?!
  • Lastly, like most newer S60 devices from Nokia it will come preloaded with Maps 2.0 and a 3 month Navigation license for 8 Indian cities.

The N96 has been touted as a mere shadow of the N95 owing to somewhat similar specifications, but inspite of all of that I am looking forward to this phone. After four months with an Eseries devices, I really need some Nseries action and the N96 is coming at an opportune time. If the battery can pull it off, the N96 might just be my next phone.

I hate doing comparison posts, but as for all of you in India who have been waiting for the iPhone, its time to rethink. A minimum of Rs. 31,000 is exorbitant for what the iPhone packs – a paltry 2MP camera, no GPS navigation, no A2DP, no sending files over bluetooth, the ability to get music from only one computer, no video recording, poor SMS functionality and I could go on. I love the fancy UI too, but seriously that price is a joke!

11 thoughts on “The N96 To Start Shipping In Early September, iPhone Fans Pay Attention”

  1. It was always the N96 undoubtedly. It’s the iPhone killer!

    In fact to be fair, there’s little comparison between the two.

    Left (N96) and Right (iPhone)
    5 mp cam vs. 2 mp on iphone
    24 gb expandable memory vs. 16 gb in built memory without any external slot
    advanced utility tools like adding multimedia content from gallery in your message and send it as a MMS vs. iphone – NO SMS FORWARDING!
    A2DP support vs. no support on iphone

    These are just a few reasons to ensure that you buy the N96 instead of wasting money on iPhone.

  2. hey,
    firstly nice new look mate….
    I completely agree….Anyone with half a brain would rate an iPhone higher than the N96…besides, the interface is not all that bad with the FP2 addition…and Rs 31,000 for an 8GB iPhone “3G” is simply outrageous ! 3G is not even on the agenda for another 8 months or so…
    I agree with RichB to a certain extent,but Rs 31000 is takin it too far…

    i wish my N95 8GB could get FP2 🙁

  3. The iPhone still rules my heart… Its class is unbeatable.. And at least unlike nokia its prices will not keep falling every month..

  4. Hey guys,

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    Now of course, these organizations require much more security than the regular man on the street, but clearly Nokia doesn’t want a “man-on-the-street” solution for their users.

    The software that N96 users are using, is the same one used by security forces in Singapore, and has been through three years of iteration and improvement.

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  5. Not getting into iPhone bashing, (lets accept it guys, its a great phone and you have millions lining up to buy them), i love nokia and own n82. the only thing is I will probably wait for n96 to hit the shores and then wait for the “price to fall”!!

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