New Firmware v30.0.018 Out For The N95 8GB – Changelog Below

Another firmware update for the N95 8GB has just been rolled out in the form of v 30.0.018. The firmware is currently only available across Nokia Service Centers and is expected to be available via the NSU in the coming weeks. In case you do not live close to one of these centers and have working knowledge with phoenix, then you can also download and install the firmware yourself.

The update brings Maps 2.0, complete N-Gage support, Nokia Search with Google integration, upgrades to the music player, improvemnts in WiFi performance and Flash Lite 3 performance. Changelog below!


– Maps 2.0 (e.g. Pedestrian navigation, Traffic info, Multimedia city guides, satellite imagery)
– Full N-Gage
– Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in
– Share on Ovi
– Enablers for “Comes With Music”
– Mosh & Ovi Bookmarks added to Browser


– Download! application updated (v 3.1.50)
– New baseline for Startup settings
– New baseline/upgrade to Music Player
– Baseline update for Flashlite3 (improved viewing of sites like YouTube)
– Current consumption improvements (for e.g. WLAN scanning)
– New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections)
– General error corrections

Via: Pasco & Finest Fones

27 thoughts on “New Firmware v30.0.018 Out For The N95 8GB – Changelog Below”

  1. One small doubt, the screenshot shows the model number to be RM-159. Isn’t this supposed to be the N 95 classic?

  2. this is the FW for N95-1, the vanilla edition. its wrongly been touted as a N95-8GB one. those with N95 8GB and rubbing their hands in glee after hearing the news should put them back in the pockets again where they will remain warm till a FW is out for them, which invariably won’t be long (this has been the trend) and shhhhh….there’s a N95 8GB FW update in the pipeline… don’t tell anyone else 🙂 .

  3. Anirmj, could you please quote that again? 🙂
    I just hope N95 8gB users at least get the FP2 transitions. That’s all we ask for…!! 🙂

  4. Updated to v30.0.018 on my N95 8GB. Performance is improved, rotation of screen is much much faster now. Haven’t really explored everything yet but there is a new ShareOnline item on the Standby screen. Invoking of Camera is also quite fast now. Please beware whoever is updating to make a backup of contacts, messages etc before updating as you will lose everything.

  5. Yep, available in UK. If you’re unlucky enough to have a network crippled, err that is to say branded phone, then the Euro1 product code is 0549487 for the N95 8GB. Note: Changing product code and then upgrading to a firmware higher than that for the original product code will invalidate warranty.

    Backup is required prior to upgrading – wonder what happened to the option that was announced somewhere where you would not have to do this any more?

    Gonna upgrade soon as the battery is charged. Hope they’ve done something to fix the appaulling battery life on this thing.

  6. anyone having any luck getting this firmware to run unsigned apps?ive done it to all previous firmwares but this one the hack doesnt work for me… am i the only one?

  7. Hello guys
    came across this thing and it was really nice to know
    tht ppl are doin this things for the cell phones

    well i have a quick question. how do u install the
    new firmware on my phone.

    a reply of my mail id wud be really helpful

    mail ID :-

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hello there! i have the same question as sharon….i am in new delhi and my product code is 0557631…is the new firmware update available for this product code on the NSU?


  9. I have two Nokia N95 8GB (RM-320) phones and using the Nokia Software Updater one would update and the other one didnt have the update shown ! strange
    Recommend the update if you can get it
    Have seen no problem with the Video / Camera functions unlike one other I read about

  10. Just done the upgrade from Nokia NSU application – first impressions are good as its a bit quicker around the menus and taking pictures
    The maps are much better

  11. I agree with Marquee Man..

    The phone is around 40-50% quicker in navigating around. I was surprised with the speed of the new v2 of Maps. Its even quicker than the beta version!

    Only touching wood after reading around other forums, that i haven’t had any of the issues that others are reporting after upgrade

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