The Nokia N96 Is Now Shipping

As they say – better late than never! After being announced way back in Febuary at the Mobile World Congress, the N96 has finally started to make its way to retailers worldwide at an unsubsidised price of EUR 550. Since the time it was announced, I have been looking forward to it inpite of it being dubbed as a N95 8GB-N81 clone. More recently, after the N85 announcement, prospects of its doing well have further diminished, but something still tells me I will like this device.

Have you already made up your mind about the N96 or will wait for the word on the street before you make the call? I for one, am really looking forward to getting my hands on the device as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the N96 Special Edition has already made its way to the homes of those 96 lucky people and we also have unboxing pictures courtesy of Symbian France, have a look here.

One thought on “The Nokia N96 Is Now Shipping”

  1. i know vaibhav. I actually posted on symbian guru about the fascination, rather obsession, people are having having about n 85 and n 96. At least let these devices come and then talk some more about it!
    We may be a minority, very few in numbers also, but somewhere, something tells me also, it is a better device and a real upgrade. N 96. Actually upgrading to it signifies upgradation in life also! Its a flagship product, no matter how much geeks flag it! I love it and would probably own the n 97 (if they make n 96 with xenon, that is!)

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