v30.0.018 For The N95 8GB Now Available Via The NSU

Like we told you, after being available at Nokia Service Centers for a few days now, the v30.0.018 firmware for the N95 8GB is now available via the NSU. The update brings Maps 2.0, complete N-Gage support, Nokia Search with Google integration, upgrades to the music player, improvemnts in WiFi performance and Flash Lite 3 performance. Changelog below.

  • Nokia Maps 2.0 now built-in
  • Full N-Gage client now built-in
  • Nokia Search 4.0 now with Google plug-in
  • Share online 3.0
  • Enablers for Comes With Music (watch this space)
  • Download! application updated (v 3.1.50)
  • Upgrade to Music Player, with new visualisations
  • Update for Flash Lite 3 (improved viewing of sites like YouTube)
  • Current consumption improvements (for e.g. WLAN scanning)
  • New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections)
  • Incoming call number is displayed in additon to name of the contact
  • Realplayer supports FLV format (i.e FLV files can be played directly like MP4)

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19 thoughts on “v30.0.018 For The N95 8GB Now Available Via The NSU”

  1. Yep updated successfully to V30.0.018…..Some of the changes:
    1. Auto-rotate working more seamlessly
    2. Something has happened to the text, for the better IMO
    3. Standby screen has a different ShareOnline 3.0 icon
    4. ShareOnline still missing the flickr n ovi settings (argh!)
    5. OS seems faster at times (gallery,music etc) not too sure
    6. Cant get real player to play .flv videos 🙁
    7. No new visualisations in music player 🙁
    Yes, the Hello Carbide hacks do still work….:)

  2. Strange.. my real player now does play flv files and I kinda like it coz it has some other settings like Quality, Zoom.. WOW.. I have the visualizations in the music player too but they are just crap honestly. Overall it’s a pretty good upgrade. Windows Live Spaces still seems to be broken with Share Online 3.0.. cant blog!

  3. oh I found another addition atleast it wasnt there earlier.. when somebody calls, there is an option of “send message” on the right hand side in case you are busy and can’t answer. The text gets prefilled when you press “send message” with “Sorry i’m busy”

  4. my NSU wont open, i keep getting the error “network connection lost, check your internet connection or whether a firewall is preventing the application from working properly” i have turned off the firewall and other programs i have, still the same error, i have the 1.4.53en version of NSU, anyone else having the problem? or any solutions? Thanx

  5. I downloaded v30 on to my nokia n95 8gb all running well have no prob’s with this update but when i downloaded emtube also tryed mobitubia, It stores flv file ok but the file’s also show up in the gallery which is a bit dissapointing as

    1..They cant play says unknown format??

    2..I was under the impression that the update included the abilty to play theses flv files via the realplayer?? have i got this wrong are the files being stored in wrong location or is this a bug? Is there a way to stop the gallery viewing theses files??..!!

  6. hey there! i have a question….

    am in new delhi and my product code is 0557631….as usual nokia not up with the new FW yet so still on v20….now i was wondering what if i change my product code to euro1…install v30 thru NSU…and then revert back my product code to the original 0557631…and update phone once again when its officially out….will i still get my nokia warranty or will it be void…

    do reply back as its important….and rem…after updating my product code goes on to the original one 🙂


  7. Updated to v30 this morning. Following changes are visible:-
    * it seems to be faster than before.
    * share online shortcut on standby screen.
    * new My Nokia app
    * new display rotation option
    * new n-gage app
    * icons and maybe fonts too look smaller.
    * flash lite 3 added
    this are changes I can see upto now!

  8. Hi guys. Why do u guys have problem with updating firmware, making the phone dead. Just because u were not carefull. Im not disappointed on my first update of N95 8GB from v11 to v30(this is the first update in my life). What I did was little caring & intelligency.

    Step 1-
    I backed up all data from my N95 8GB to PC through PC Suite(Only phone memory backup). I did the mass memory(or Memory card) backup seperately via PC.
    Step 2-
    I did a HARD RESET by pressing *#7370#(enter 12345 for security code. It may be different if u have entered one earlier), which would clean-up the mess in phone, simply a complete refresh. If anyone has problem doing this way, they can use startup HARD RESET by holding green call button(Send key) and 3 and star(*) togather and power on the phone until nokia hand logo appears.
    Step 3-
    i gave the phone a full charge, which is strictly recommended.
    Step 4-
    Opened PC(fortunately a laptop), connected phone through USB and keep charger connected, to prevent sudden loss of charge. Latest PC Suite and Nokia Software Updater(NSU) should be installed. Connected to internet. Run NSU and started update. It took me 3.5 hours to download 105.3mb firmware, then update phase started. It took 6-8 minutes. phone entered TEST mode. Finally update was complete and phone started.
    NOTE:- do not touch the phone, power it off, or disconnect USB cable. Insert SIM (please make sure no call or SMS incomes, by diverting) and Switch to “general” profile(strictly recommended).
    a little care can save the day

  9. If they dont have update for their product code, the can change it through Nemesis Service Suite(NSS). Instructions can be found by a little google search. They should change to a product code that has update available, like the EURO one

  10. I just got the update v30.0.0.18. but i dont find some change log as listed here in this blog.
    – Share on Ovi: did not find
    – Mosh & Ovi Bookmarks added to Browser – did not find
    – New baseline for Startup settings
    – New baseline/upgrade to Music Player
    – Current consumption improvements (for e.g. WLAN scanning): not tested
    – New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections): 🙁
    – Incoming call number is displayed in additon to name of the contact

    even i had to reset the device as what Nahid says, i turned on the auto rotation feature and my device was rebooting automatically.

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