Mac Users Rejoice – Nokia Map Loader For Mac Is Here

Mac Users Rejoice - Nokia Map Loader For Mac Is Here

There has been a lot of talk about S60 and Mac compatibility recently and Nokia seems to have been listening behind the scenes. The Map Loader for Macs has just been released and it appears to be a sign of the many things to come for Mac owners. The application performs the same role that its counterpart performs on Windows PC’s i.e. allowing you to load Maps to your device via your computer, rather than over the air. The one up it does have over the Windows variant is the History feature that lets you see what you have transferred, which you can use it to reload the same set of maps as a later date.

The methodology of usage remains the same too, just prepare the phone by running the Maps application on your phone once before connecting it to your Mac and then simply drag and drop various maps elements such as countries to your device.

Needless to say, Nokia is also looking for feedback. it can be send via the application itself, or Nokia Multimedia Transfer, or through a comment to this post on the Beta Labs Blog. Before you get started make sure you already have the Nokia Multimedia Transfer application installed. Grab the Map Loader here.