Eight Killer Themes For The N96

Even since I tried it with the E71 way back in July, the notion that some themes look better on a particular handset has firmly set itself inside my head. So as soon as I got my hands on the N96, I set out to look for a collection of themes that would complement its black exterior. The problem for me is that I do not like most themes that I come across, the reason being that for me a theme needs to be plain, readable and polished. I also do not change themes often so another criteria that gets added is that they should be ones I’d never get tired of. With that in mind and after trying out over 30 themes, I present to you my top eight.

Note: Click on the screenshot to download.

First up is my favourite theme of the lot, Pinstripe Gray by Babi.

Next is a nice soft black piece called In Silver, again by Babi.

Following that is Like Haze v2, a hatrick by Babi.

Another black theme, similar to In Silver but with a darker black. Only Black v6 by Babi once more.

The universal favourite – Black Gold v2, needless to say by Babi.

By this time if you have gotten bored of those dark themes, here is Steel by Ivanov.

Even lighter/brighter is Ice by PiZero. For times when you switch the brightness to minimum in order to save battery.

To add a bit of colour, the last one is Blue Bubbles by PiZero.

There you have it folks, eight killer themes for the N96. One thing worth mentioning is that I have left out the three great themes, which I have already written about with regard to the E71, from the present post; I suggest you have a look at them too. Have you come across some other theme(s) that rocks on the N96 or something you think will? Lets hear it about it.

7 thoughts on “Eight Killer Themes For The N96”

  1. iv tried loadsa different themes from different websites i still cant manage 2 change the themes on the n96. any one know if you have to put them in a certain folder on your mobile or anything like that iv gone 2 themes on my phone but there is jus the standard ones there any help much aprretiated. andy-north@hotmail.com

  2. I’m having the same prob as Andy !
    I just can’t only choose between the originals 3 N96 themes !
    I need of some help to change my theme into a customized theme !
    =>contact me : Spyro_peets@live.com <=

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