Upcoming Nokia Devices Leaked – An Interesting 2009 Ahead

Ladies and Gentlemen something monumental has happened. A large part of Nokia’s upcoming device roadmap has been leaked and the world now knows about what has been going on inside Nokia’s research labs. The leaked roadmap reveals the product code, the phone’s codename, its operating system, details about availability, major specifications and even the current status of development – basically all that is missing are pictures.

Here are a few highlights in case you don’t find the time to look through the entire roadmap:

Nokia Eitri – Full QWERTY in a landscape candybar form factor, possible E90 sucessor:

  • A 3.5 inch touchscreen with 640 x 350 pixels
  • Pressure sensitive touch UI, tactile feedback and gesture support
  • Accelerometer and compass
  • Proximity sensor
  • 5MP autofocus camera
  • 8GB of expandable memory

Nokia Corolla – The late to the party 8MP cameraphone:

  • A 3-inch non-touch display with a VGA resolution
  • An 8 MP camera (a first for Nokia)
  • A “half QWERTY keyboard”
  • AGPS & Wi-Fi
  • HSPA
  • 8GB of internal memory

Nokia IP08 – A possible Nseries offering:

  • A wide touchscreen display
  • A 5MP autofocus camera
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • AGPS
  • WiFi
  • FM radio and transmitter
  • TV-out
  • Bluetooth

Nokia Ivalo – A follow up to the IP08. Touchscreen smartphone with a 3.5 inch display:

  • AGPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • 5MP camera
  • Bluetooth
  • TV out
  • FM transmitter and receiver
  • 32GB of internal memory

Apart from these, a phone called Athlon which is the N85 refreshed with a xenon flash and an integrated compass is in the pipeline. Two successors to the E51, one with a hybrid QWERTY are also on their way. A Nseries QWERTY in the form of Madeleine is also under development.

I feel a part of Nokia Pilots right now! The upcoming devices are surely something to look forward too, none has a mini projector yet – but there are loads of promising devices and even a possible Nseries QWERTY that we’ve missed so badly. Eitri is my personal favourite for now, scheduled for May 2009,  although it make take even more time in becoming widely available.


Please take all of this with a pinch of salt, it may just be a baseless rumour.  However, if this is true, I really hope it doesn’t do my favourite cell phone manufacturer too much damage.

Via: Unwired View

16 thoughts on “Upcoming Nokia Devices Leaked – An Interesting 2009 Ahead”

  1. If this is true, Nokia might be in for some serious damage. Maybe it is just a thrown out list.

    I am in for the IP08 though.

  2. Kevin,

    I have seriously no idea! I have not done it. It first started with Mark’s blog at thenokiablog and has spilled over to Vaibhav’s also. I do not mind though!!!

  3. well i think that ivalo is really cool device and now i expect that nokia should start working on their processors and the performance of their smartphones.

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