E63: A Cheaper Option To The E71 Announced

E63: A Cheaper Option To The E71 Announced

Nokia today announced the E63, the latest addition to its Eseries range on devices. The handset, modeled on the E71 is a QWERTY based S60 with a 2.0 megapixel camera, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 on board. It is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks, will be available in two colours, ruby red and ultramarine blue and will cost €199 (INR 12,500) before taxes or subsidies.

Size Comparison

Major features/differences with the E71:

  • The E63 has also become the first Eseries device to feature a 3.5mm, something usually reserved for the Nseries.
  • It will also ship with a 1GB file space subscription to Files on Ovi.
  • Unlike the E71 which has a metallic shell, the E63 ships with a front that only has a metallic-finish, while the back cover is rubberised like on the N95.
  • It is also about 1.5 times thicker than the E71.
  • The side keys (volume rocker etc) are also absent, so is the IR.
  • The keypad is gotten a minor revamp and now has two extra keys in the last row and to make room for them the spacebar has been shortened. Ctrl and Chr are now on separate keys as are / and @.
  • GPS, a memory card and HSDPA are also absent. However, the card slot exists.
  • The E63 will also not ship with the leather case that comes with the E71.
  • The camera has been downgraded to 2MP with a fixed focus.
  • A nice touch is the ability to use the camera’s LED as a torch. (The space bar acts as the shortcut key)
  • Apart from the above, the usual Eseries goodies like stability, speed, encryption, Mail for Exchange, Quick Office are all present. So is the killer 1500 mAh battery.

Nokia is clearly looks to build on the success of the E71, a handset I’m sold on. What the E63 will do is take the E71 to the mass mass market, the focus of the Eseries has been the enterprise market still loads of people on the screen have bought Eseries devices even though they have no use for its business solutions. The reason I think the E63 is do well outside of that market is because it has pretty much the average person needs – A landscape QWERTY, a 3.5mm jack for music, WiFi, killer battery life, speed and stability (I’m hoping it takes cue from the E71). It doesn’t have GPS but then there are still large parts of the world where there are even no maps available, so the lack of a GPS won’t pinch. The E71’s camera was nothing to write home about and with its 2MP shooter the E63 should do just fine.

Bottom Line: Would I buy it? No, because I love metal on my phone. Would I buy it if I couldn’t afford the E71? Yes.

Ben from MIR has had a play with the E63 and check his image gallery out. E71/E63 comparison pic via AAS.

15 thoughts on “E63: A Cheaper Option To The E71 Announced”

  1. I would buy it, actually I would buy any phone with symbian and qwerty. It would make my life definitely easier. 🙂

  2. well this phone has features that justify it’s price. i will buy it for sure because everybody knows that using gps on any nokia is like a pain and rather u’ll prefer to get lost same for camera now we have more than 12mpx available in the market.

  3. ^^agreed.. gps aint really necessary now.. i wud rather call up someone and ask the way.. nice phone.. my type..

  4. this is a great review! i agree to everything you said. i have e63 right now..never been a nokia fanatic but this one really does carry everything i need! i like e71 too, of course because of the metal skin and the 3g speed and the 3.15mp camera, but these features aren’t really a big loss for me choosing e63 over e71. both phones are impressive.

  5. I thnk dis is a gr8 phne which offers far more value 4 money than most of d current lot. Do nt cmpare dis wid e71 and u wil b happy. I m still waiting 4 nokia 2 release an eseries with 5mp xenon!

  6. Hi,
    I wanted to know that is it possible to surf internet on e63 from broadband internet connection without starting pc.I mean that when we start internet connection on PC, we give username & password which are verified at the ISP end & after verification, we can surf internet on pc.Similary, can I connect to Internet directly from e63 through wifi modem? I have wifi PC modem.

    I usually download big softwares so instead of starting pc, I was thinking that why not download directly into e63 memory card.Later on transfer the content to pc.

    Please give entire steps as to how to do it.I have already searched on internet but couldn’t find anything that can solve this problem.

  7. hi”’i just want to ask how can i use the internet by wifi connection with my e63 pone…im here in beijing…pls help…thanx

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