Playing N-Gage (One) On The TV – N96 Challenge 3 Complete

If you recall, the third task in N96 Challenge to win you five N96 trials was to play a video on the TV via the N96’s TV-Out feature. The catch was that they want the projection needed to be full of ‘fireworks’, now of course they did not mean ‘fireworks’ literally.

I tried to rake my brain, read through some of the cool ideas you had sent in and still couldn’t think of an appropriate video to project. So with thought that was it time for the Ninja to relax and the N96 to perform, I shot the following video of my friend Sartaj, dressed up as the Ninja playing the N-Gage game ‘One’ with the N96 hooked up to the TV. (Technically, well within the parameters of the task).

The experience was suprising good, despite the slightly stretched graphics. I even had the music player playing the rocky soundtrack in the background, while we battled in One – this made for an even better gaming experience.

In case I do end up winning, he’s how I will distribute the 5 N96 Trials:

  • Two N96’s will be raffled away amongst the commenters on any post on the entire blog, starting today. Basically, all comments made today onwards on any post on the site will enter you into the big lucky draw, so make sure you comment to increase your chances.
  • I will also be writing about the upcoming challenge and one N96 will be given away to the person who sends in the best idea to help me complete the challenge. Write in via email or the contact form.
  • One N96 is reserved for the most creative amongst you, send in your thoughts/reviews/opinions on anything mobile and if we like it, it’ll be published here and you will get your N96.
  • The last N96 will be a mystery and the way to get it will be revealed if and when I win the challenge.

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