The N95-1 Updated – The v.31 Firmware Is Here

The N95-1 Updated - The v.31 Firmware Is Here

Perhaps for the final time, Nokia has rolled out a new firmware for the Nokia N95 – v31.0.014. The new firmware apparently just brings bug fixes and perhaps an end to the ‘platform hack’. Since the phone doesn’t support UDP (User Data Preservation) make sure you back up the device before you update via the NSU. If you are keen on hacking, hang on to v30 as this firmware has nothing special to offer, no transitions N81 style and so on.

Via: AAS

7 thoughts on “The N95-1 Updated – The v.31 Firmware Is Here”

  1. The most pointless update.
    No improvements what so ever.
    Its even screwed up my phone, its no longer sending texts properly.

  2. OMG!

    Wat hav I done?

    I hav upgraded n now m comletely unable 2 install any softwares
    oh pitty me

    Guess m in no man’s land now.

    Can any1 help me???

  3. @Absar :
    Use a MT-BOX to reflash your phone with a previous version (v30) .
    Don’t have one ? Send it to me 🙂 and I will reflash it .

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