Faster EDGE Performance On The Horizon?

In what may be God sent for the markets/regions still awaiting 3G services, Nokia Siemens Networks has successfully field tested the world’s first Downlink Dual Carrier EDGE end-to-end call with mobile devices, proving EDGE network data speeds can be doubled. The benefit of the above is speeds of up to 592 kbps on existing EDGE-capable GSM networks via this software-based solution, the need of any major network investments.

Not only this, Nokia Siemens Networks has additional plans to further double the end user experience in up- and downlink performance with the introduction of a technology called EGPRS 2B. This could see downlink speeds could go up to 1.2 Mbps and and uplink speed up to 473 kbps on EDGE networks itself.

If this becomes a reality, we won’t really need 3G as badly because the core mobile browsing experience on devices would be similar. Although, sending photos and live streaming of video is quite another thing.

Via: Intomobile

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