Eight Killer Themes For The Nokia 5800

[digg-me]Sadly, I still haven’t been able to get my hands on a 5800 yet, but that has not stopped me from scouting the internet for the best Nokia 5800 (N97/S60 v5) themes. Here is a collection of eight polished themes for you to have fun with. Click on the image to download.

Update – I have personally tried some of these themes (marked with a ***) on a 5800 I could get hold of for a little while and they worked just fine. However, to be safe – install the themes on the microSD so that in case something goes wrong you can simply pop the card out and prevent any damage.

So without further adieu here is the first theme:

  • ***At the top of the list is Winter Time by none other than Pizero. Download here.

If you appetite for themes has still not been satisfied, Daily Mobile has a link to a megapack of ten 5800 themes. Download Here. Have you come across any other good looking 5800/S60 v5 theme? If so, please share.


Please make sure you install the themes on the microSD and not in the phone memory. In the eventuality that you face a problem with any theme, simply remove the memory card and restart the device. Next simply pop the microSD inside and uninstall the theme.

21 thoughts on “Eight Killer Themes For The Nokia 5800”

  1. Oh no, will anybody test this themes before publishing!? None of those aren’t fully compatible and even worse, some of them will brick phone, like it happened to me with the Christmas theme, my phone is still in service centre, I’m starting to hate all these copy/paste sites.

  2. Madmax, despite the phone saying that the application may not be compatible when you attempt to install the theme, the ones I checked seemed to work just fine – so I will disagree on that.

    Secondly, feel free to hate whatever you choose to, however if you havd been here long enough you would have know what sort of site is this.

    Cheers and good luck with your bricked phone.

  3. Jack, I haven’t seen it. As far as handwriting recognition goes, its nothing new for Nokia. The 7710 had it and so do the internet tablets. The touch is only a first for S60 based handsets.

  4. one more thing:
    i wanna download that mega pack thingy. but it said i’m out of bandwidth? what’s that supposed to mean? i’m totally clueless..

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