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[digg-me]The otherwise wonderful ability of S60 to add applications can sometimes become a curse when you end up installing too many applications and they get buried inside folders resulting in you getting lost looking for a particular one. There have been numerous solutions to this problem with developers coming out with applications like T9Nav (searches applications/data right from the first keypress) to others such as Handy Taskman and so on.

One application that I have just come across and which holds promise is ApDLauncher by ACTION_GAMER PersianPDA Admin. It displays the phone various applications and settings in a series of cascading menus, so you don’t need to navigate deep down into your folders in order to launch them. It is this concept that I like.

It groups the ‘default’ applications into menus such as Main Menu, Media, Office, Applications etc. (screenshots below) and you can simply use the Navi Wheel to find and launch applications. It is fast and doesn’t slow down the phone at all.

However, in the current state, the application is far from complete and I doubt will find a permanent place on your standby screen. The biggest limitation is that it cannot display applications that you have installed yourself and no customisation of its layout is possible. Secondly, depending on what phone you have installed it on (FP1/FP2) some shortcuts fail to launch anything.

Currently, the application starts in the above state (second screenshot) and a left softkey press brings up the menu. Ideally it should start with the menu displayed so as to cut down on a key press and hide that hideous launch screen. With the option to customise the layout, add applications and the above suggestion implemented, this application has some serious potential.

Here are a few screenshots to help you gage its functionality.

The reason I wanted to share this application with you was because I see potential in it and with a little bit of public feedback, it could really become a handy tool. Download link.

via: Symbianism

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