The N95 8GB Hits v31.0.015 – Minor Update

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Nokia has rolled out the new v31 firmware for the N95 8GB. The firmware 130.8MB in size, is now available via the NSU for most non branded phones. This seems to be a minor update and doesn’t bring any substantial change to the device. Since, the phone doesn’t support User Data Preservation, make you backup before upgrading.

A word of caution for those who like to ‘hack’ their N95 8GB’s, with v31 that won’t work. Other changes include minor bug fixes, better browser stability and speed improvements.

via: AAS

6 thoughts on “The N95 8GB Hits v31.0.015 – Minor Update”

  1. v31 has been broken. Just copy the hacked installserver.exe to “Y:\sys\bin” when on a hacked v30 and upgrade.
    v31 will be hacked so keep laughing and have caps on 😀

  2. what changes does this upgrade bring? any more specific details about the upgrade? was hoping for more improvements on their flash player, still having some video streaming sites using streaming format that is not supported by the current flash codec — not able to play the video!

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