Sample Images & Video From The Nokia N86

The russian site Mobile-Review is at it again. This time they have managed to preview the Nokia N86, the post contains sample images from the N86’s camera and also two video samples. The images look great although there are not many low light shots in the picture set.


Sample Images Form The Nokia N86's Camera

Sample Images Form The Nokia N86's Camera


Sample Images Form The Nokia N86's Camera


The preview also contains some interesting titbits such as the fact that the Nokia N86 was referred to as the N85 8MP before it was decided that a new index would be better. Jump over for many more images and the preview.

8 thoughts on “Sample Images & Video From The Nokia N86”

  1. Nokia are late to enter the 8megapixel party but the optics of n86 make me recollect an hindi saying “Der Aaye par Darust Aaye” but only in the imaging department
    as the screen size for n86 as a mere 2.6 inches diagonal which leaves a lot to be desired also let to be seen are the device’s music capabilities

  2. I think magapix race is stupid on such small sensors
    3 or 5mega pix is far enough … IMHO
    I prefer a *GOOD* 3mega on a big sensor to a 5mega on a small sensor
    This is just marketing …

  3. I totally agree with DaWaBZ94,
    Carl Zeiss, 8 megapixels, variable aperture.. all bells & whitsles for those who like specs. Truth? Check the size of an image taken with your regular Canon 5-8 megapizel camera (Jpg) with the size of a pic taken with N82 and N86.. it will from 3 to 4 times bigger. It means that with your point& shoot you DO are retaining the pixel info of all the 5-8 megapixels.. with the N82 or N86 you are retaining 30 to 40% of such info.. meaning you are buying an “8” but getting a real 2-3 megapixels.
    Also sensor size makes a big difference in terms of image noise, and that’s what we should pretend from manufacturers.

    Come on guys, let’s get the mouse rolling in our heads and stop buying on raw specs specifically chosen to make people go “ohhhhhh”.

    And a bout megapixels.. PLEASe PLEASE PLEASE… stop it. with my n82 5 megapixel, lots-of-compression camera phone, I’m able to make photocopies of pages of books.. are you all gonna print your pics POSTER size??????
    Let’s start asking for quality rather than megapixels, megapixels…
    I’ll be fine with an 8megapixels camera phone that saves pics fils retaining 8megspix of infos. Not a third of them.

  4. well i can just say “HATS OFF TO NOKIA N86 AND NOKIA N97 ” we just got confused off choosing n97 and n866 both are excellent phones …………………………

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