Nokia 5800 NAM Gets V20 Via The NSU

Nokia 5800 NAM Gets V20 Via The NSUThe North American version of the Nokia 5800 that recently started selling again has received a major firmware update in the form of v20.2.014. The update is available via the NSU and should brings updates and bug fixes similar to the v20 that the Euro/APAC 5800 version was blessed with a month earlier.

Unfortunately, the change log isn’t available yet. Here are some of the updates that are expected to be included in the 5800 NAM’s v20 Firmware:

  • Faster operation, speed improvements for Java apps as well.
  • Geo-Tagging support for both camera and the video recorder.
  • Gallery loads much faster.
  • Improvements to the camera.
  • New music and download icons
  • Better touch sensitivity.
  • Flash applications now have a D-pad, like the java ones.
  • Improvements to Mass Storage profile stability.
  • 3 new application have been added.  “app.update” (in the application menu), “Dictionary” and Search (for files and media in storage and web).
  • Better bass reproduction.
  • Ability to edit the Artist, Album, Genre etc in the Music Player.
  • Zoom, Full Screen and Pan options for Flash video.
  • Much faster screen rotation.
  • Voice recorded files now show up in the Sounds folder in the Gallery.

7 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 NAM Gets V20 Via The NSU”

  1. I gave him the update v20.2.014 my nokia, which I struggle to buy American version either, but wonder if the fix is 3g or not?

    the update fixes this because I do not really did anything

  2. nokia 5800 v20 firmware update method

    if you want to upgrade to the latest firmware v20 , you have to change your product code
    certain product codes can be updated to v20, but some are still not(only up to v11)
    here are the list of product codes

    then go to check your product code see whether your product code can be updated to v20 or not

    if not, you have to change your product code by referring to the list given above

    after changing your product, go for device software update

    before you update, disable your phone lock first

    download the nokia software updater, install it, connect your phone to your pc, update it

    after updating to v20, you can change back to your original product code

    good luck!

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