Nokia N86 Niceties: Screensaver & Kickstand

A couple of N86 niceties have popped up over at the S60 Blog, first one is the dynamic kickstand that was also covered by Ricky the other day and the new refreshed screensaver. The kickstand on the N86, unlike the one on the N96 can trigger an application launch when pulled out and this is something incredibly useful, a physical shortcut is always more than welcome. Have a look at this for the options.

Nokia N86 Kickstand

Next up is the new futuristic looking screensaver that will include details like battery and missed call/SMS notifications. Another thing to note here is that the screensaver is in the landscape mode and not the usual portrait that we are accustomed to. I hope we have an option to set it to portrait as well.

Nokia N86 Screensaver

The N86 despite being a refresh of the N85 is seriously tempting me, just because of the camera. On a recent trip abroad, I somehow didn’t find the 5MP camera of the N82 enough and saw myself picking up a digi cam on most occassions. This is in stark contrast to the situation one year back when I was pretty satisfied with the same device. I want to get rid of my digi cam, can the N86 8MP make than happen?