Video Samples From The N97’s Camera

Today seems to be all about the N97. After news about it being available on Forum Nokia’s RDA, come two video samples taken in the scenic Monte Carlo. The videos are from a pre production N97 and are shot by Bill Perry, Sr. Services Marketing Manager for Forum Nokia.

This short video showing a very nice sailboat in the Monte Carlo marina was shot using a pre-production Nokia N97. Notice you can hear the ropes creaking as the sailboat moves with the tide.

In this 30 second clip I’m panning the camera from the shoreline to the Mediterranean Sea. Also notice that it’s been recorded in a wide screen aspect ratio.

Considering this is still proto firmware, the video seem pretty good. I loved the fact that the N97 was able to pick the sound of the ropes so nicely. Panning is always a bit of a worry for most handhelds, the N97 being no exception. What do you think?

Thanks MickyFin!

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