The Nokia N97 Gets Reviewed

Nokia’s most awaited device of the summer, the N97 has been reviewed by Eldar of Mobile-Review. Sadly the extensive review is written in Russian, so those of you who know the language can jump right in. The good news for the rest of us is that with Google Translate it does become quite readable. But if you can wait, a English version should be out in a few days.

Nokia N97 Review

The review covers aspects like positioning, design, size, controls, display, keyboard, battery, music ability and software features of Nokia N97, finally concluding with his own impressions. The review has some interesting tidbits like the possibility to of a Linux based Communicator, talk about the Nokia 5900 and so on. Also present are comparison shots with a multitude of other QWERTY and Nokia devices. Here are a few highlights:

BUILD QUALITY: Good, hinges despite being plastic will survive if you take reasonable care.

MUSIC QUALITY: Excellent, probably the best. Better than the Nokia 5800 because of a separate chip. Loudspeakers similar. Music playback time of 30+ hours.

CAMERA: Review has loads of sample images and three videos available for download.

BATTERY: Takes 2.5 hours to charge completely and can last for 4 days on moderate usage. Heavy users can expect 1 day. If the widgets aren’t fetching data continuously, the battery life increases by 20-25%.

  • GPS Navigation – 5 hours
  • Video Playback – 4 hours 15 minutes
  • WEB-surfing (EDGE-connection) – 4.5 hours
  • Listening to music via headphones – 32 hours
  • WiFi – 166 hours in standby mode, with continuous data transmission – 6 hours

DATA TRANSFER: Speeds of 5MB/s via USB, Bluetooth is the usual 100 KBPS.

Head over for the Google Translated version of the review.

3 thoughts on “The Nokia N97 Gets Reviewed”

  1. I love nokia. I can prove it coz i’m using my N95 and it is excellent now i think i have to take plunge to n97.

  2. Now i have got to make a choice do i get the N97 or N86,as i have been waiting for a upgrade from my Super Nokia N95 8gb for ages,put will wait till we do get some full review of the Final Released N97 or N86 as i tried the N85 but it was not a upgrade from my mobile as the quality of the N85 could not match the N95 8gb,an the N96 was not a good upgrade as well so its either the N97 or N86

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