Loads Of New Image & Video Samples From The Nokia N97’s Camera

I have started to count the days to June, the month that will see the N97 go on sale. But as we wait, here are even more image and video samples from the Nokia N97’s camera. Most of these shots and videos are less than a month old and some are even as new as being just a week old,  so they should give us some indication of what the N97 will be capable off.

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 Camera Samples

After the pictures its the turn of videos. These videos have been taken in a concert and if you’ve ever tried to film one with a mobile camera before, you’d have noticed that it is virtually impossible to get the sound because of the loudness and the video takes a beating because off the lights that keep going off. The N97 has not astonished by its capture quality, but still has done a fairly good job of getting the sound and keeping up with the flashing lights and the panning camera. See for yourself.

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  1. I wonder, how can you say these pics are from N97 ?? The clarity of the pics make me believe that these are taken from a professional camera. A mobile camera can not give such a clear pics…moreover carl zeiss lens in mobiles have a peculiar characteristic of giving a watercolor effect.

    Moreover exif data is totally blank… If nokia or the guy who took these pics are so enthu to publish it over internet, why exif data is blank ??

  2. exif data is there on the ORIGINAL sized pictures, but not on the lower sized /alterations. Just verified this on 3 of them. It also makes perfect sense, if you think about it.


    Orientation of image: 1
    Image input equipment manufacturer: Nokia
    Image input equipment model: N97
    Exposure time: 0.001
    F number: 2.8
    ISO speed rating: 100
    Shutter speed: 9.965
    Aperture: 2.97
    Light source: 0
    Flash: 24
    Lens focal length: 5.4
    Custom rendered: 0
    Exposure mode: 0
    White balance: 0
    Digital zoom ratio: 1
    Scene capture type: 0
    Gain control: 0

  3. @Devin It’s Tampere – Nokia House is in Espoo.

    @Kanak Then you have not been paying attention to what good cameraphones are capable of… Some are truly stunning!

    Here are some pictures I’ve taken with cameraphones:
    – Samsung T929 (8 MP): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnkgrl/3342037647/
    – Nokia N82 (5 MP): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnkgrl/2304006194/in/set-72157604108641211/
    – Nokia N95-3 (5 MP): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnkgrl/2207212559/in/set-72157600048630570/
    – Sony Ericsson K850i (5 MP): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnkgrl/1885854823/in/set-72157602957219655/
    – i-Mobile 902 (5 MP): http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnkgrl/396895903/in/set-72157594525826478/

  4. These pictures are NOT DSLR quality, compared to DSLRs there is no sharpness, low dynamic range, highlight clipping and noise reduction splattered all over the photos.

    Nevertheless, for a camera phone, this is excellent quality and one of the best around.

  5. These photos look very good from the N97,as Nokia had to put a good camera on the N97 as the N79 an N85 were below par,an to make a mobile sell well Nokia have done the right thing,as with the N86 on its way,people now will have to pick the right mobile they require as alot do not like touch screen mobiles yet,but if people see these quality pictures it might change there choice

  6. the pics are impressive and the video is great. recording quality has improved especially during night time, the video doesn’t looking poor like previous models.

  7. Im most impressed by the video

    would love to see how the n97 camera performs macro video recording

    i want a closeup mode for video recording

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