Nokia N97 Support Page & User Manual Now Live

The biggest indicator of a device being close to shipping is the appearance of the support page and that is exactly what has happened for the Nokia N97. The support pages are up on the Nokia Europe website. The second main benefit that comes from these is the fact that you can get hold of the user manual in your own language as well.

Nokia N97 Support Page

Now excuse me as I thumb (click) through the N97 user manual. Direct link for the English version is here.

7 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Support Page & User Manual Now Live”

  1. “Support for Nokia Download! to discover, download and install add-on applications and widgets” – they must be joking.
    “Cover Flow changes photos with finger motions” – they must be joking.

    Sometimes it seems that nobody checks what goes into these specifications.

  2. my fone keeps crashing and i am unable to do anything on it. im trying to deleted everything off there. is there anyway that i can reset the phone?

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