Your Chance To Win A N-Gage Device Is Coming Soon

In what should come as great news for you dear readers, we have partnered with Nokia and Million Dollar Poker to organise an exclusive contest for the readers of The Symbian Blog. In order to enter the contest, all you will need to do is answer the question that will go online in a few days. The lucky winner will walk away with a N-Gage device along with a heap of cool Nokia merchandise.

Your Chance To Win A N-Gage Device Is Coming Soon

If you are a poker fan, there’s even more good news for you as the handset will come pre-loaded with ‘Million Dollar Poker feat. Gus Hansen‘. Million Dollar Poker will be out very soon and it will be the only poker game on N-Gage with a multiplayer mode that allows you to play online against other N-Gage Players. It also boasts of a new generation of artificial intelligence developed with poker legend Gus Hansen. Find the game page here.

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  1. Hey vaibhav..a new n gage device? Is nokia launching new device coming soon?& i bought n97 yesterday looks awesome. & it has an extra addeptor 4 all chargers in the box..that u didnt get in yr. N97 box.

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