New Nokia E71 Firmware v300.21.012 Now Available

Nokia is really on a firmware rollout spree. The Nokia E71 is the latest device to get a new firmware in the form of v300.21.012, up from v200, which is available via the Nokia Software Updater. Unfortunately there’s no changlog available yet, but I’ll update this post as soon as we find out.

New Nokia E71 Firmware v300.21.012 Now Available

Since the E71 doesn’t support user data preservation, you will loose all data on your phone memory when you update, so might be wise to hang on for a little to know what you are in for before updating. If you, fire up the NSU and see if its available for your product code yet.

[Image via: Spaziocellulare]

7 thoughts on “New Nokia E71 Firmware v300.21.012 Now Available”

  1. successfully updated last night. No untoward incidences till now :-). Seen some improvement in UI response but it may be because the number of installed apps are less. Otherwise not much difference.

    A few widgets (rather link apps) like MySpace and Facebook were pre-installed. Nokia Email client is the default mail client now but needs to be installed when configuring your mailbox.

    Will keep posted if I see more changes.

  2. noticing a strange behavior in some programs though. Both my Google maps and Wayfinder Navigator (mapmyindia) ask for the acceptance of terms each time it starts. Both these programs are installed in the memory card. Previously, the acceptance of terms used to come only on first run but with the firmware upgrade, it asks every time.

    Anybody else facing this problem?

  3. I would doubt that such a problem would be caused by the new firmware. It seems like the applications are not being able to write to the phone memory properly. Are they retaining other settings?

    Did you do a fresh install of these applications after updating or did you simply plug the card in. If the later, you can try reinstalling.

  4. I did a fresh install of all the programs. After the upgrade I didn’t do a restore as I had all the contacts copied to the card. My calendar syncs to Domino via Seven Beta and my landmarks are backed up in Ovi Maps / My Wayfinder.

    Coming back to the problem, after a phone reboot the problem seems to have vanished. So I believe this is not an upgrade issue.

    BTW, when can we have a comprehensive changelog? Ur blog rocks!

  5. Hello Vaibhav (and others)

    Yesterday I got my phone updated to this firmware version from Nokia Care. Despite my restoring the backup from Sim and even re-installing some of the applications ( fring, google maps, google search etc ) are not seem to getting installed. It seems to be throwing up some certification related message. Do you have any ideas as to how do i fix it ?


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