How To Get A Certificate To Sign Unsigned S60 Apps

There are a lot of ‘unsigned’ applications floating around the web, partly because part time developers either do not have the time or money to get their applications signed via the Symbian Signed program. While quite a bit of such applications can be signed via the Open Signed website, some cannot be and quite frankly there are times when we are simply lazy.

For all such reasons it is best to have a developer certificate with which you can sign the files on the phone itself and install without having to bother with any other method. The following tutorial will show you how to get a certificate (generally within three hours) and is much easier than the OPDA method.



  • Fill in the required details, use can even use a fake address. Just keep the username and password in mind.


  • Follow the directions in the screenshot.


  • Now enter your IMEI number.


  • The website will display a confirmation.


  • Now the wait begins. When I tried, I got my certificate in about 3 hours time. If you are not already logged in, login to see if your certificate is ready.


  • If you see a screen like the following, it means your certificate is ready for download.


  • Thats it, now simply unzip the file and get signing. There is no need of a Sign Key pass code.


The best part was that I could do all of this lying in bed, right from my N97’s browser. The bottomline being that I got a developer certificate in less that 3 hours without needing a computer. The next step is to sign the application from the phone itself, guide coming soon. So make sure you subscribe via RSS or Twitter.

Thanks Simran!

PS: I or the The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the use of the above tutorial. Please do so at your own risk.

[UPDATE – The Guide On How To Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device Itself is here].

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  1. This site needs an update. The site appears to have changed (About a year ago reading the comments!) and I can’t work out how to sort this otherwise. Useful site, but only with an update please!

  2. for god sake update this shit!
    The site has changed in the years (ofcourse) i cant find the certificate page, i made accound but i dont know how to get the damn certificate

  3. tsk.. should’ve taken Cantonese in school instead of Spanish..

    They changed the appearance of the site, guys. 😐 What do I do?

  4. author of the topic is complete retard, nothing works, instruction sucks bison ball sack, at least author could have make a trojan for my phone, what a prick

  5. 您的手机串号353385048328502,因证书制作功能无限暂停,无法取得证书。
    what does it mean ?
    i am waiting for more than fifteen days now for my certificate keys.

  6. 您的手机串号353385048328502,因证书制作功能无限暂停,无法取得证书。
    what does it mean?

  7. hi i followed your steps and downloaded and copied free sign app, certificate and key. But The free sign in app. is giving certificate expired error. i tried changing the date ,but did not work. I have a nokia x6. please help

  8. hi one more thing. I got to download it immediately i.e. the certi. and key .Is that ok. or something wrong with that

  9. Can anibody just send me the cert. and the keyfile to my email ( guess I am to stupid to find it on the chinese (japanese?) site

  10. hi guys………..i here to help you out a bit…..
    lol……im chinese……
    okay first-SANJAY- with nokia x6…..the reason why it is expired because that app is produced 1 or 2 years ago…..inorder to that….download siseditor.sis…. find it your own download it and edit it……then save file…after that you can install that app…okay?……u said if you can turn off the camera tone right….? yea its possible…….get the application called camera mute……….and changing the keypad tone is impossible………………..hope i help you……….add me on facebook……

  11. I “google translated” the chinese words and got this message. What does this mean? Is this the problem of the website or my IMEI? I have tried so many ways to get those certificates and now it’s starting to get annoying….

    Certificate Status

    Your IMEI 3548……., due to the production function of an infinite suspension of the certificate can not obtain a certificate.
    See detailed apology note.

  12. I think the design of the web site is changed.Pls upload
    new screenshot.I don’t realize what can i do.I just registered on this site successfully.What can i do now?

  13. Your IMEI 3548……., due to the production function of an infinite suspension of the certificate can not obtain a certificate.
    See detailed apology note.

  14. Now certificates are not creating…Today i tried i got this

    Apology note, certificate of production things about Saipan ~
    {Posts by paulgao edited on 2011-06-26 17:32}
    Saipan certificate you want netizens:
    very sorry to inform you that, according to the official website of the current certificate of Saipan, the certificate has been unable to continue production of the issue. Here to explain specific:
    1, the original certificate the production process is the IMEI number you submit to us, we Saipan certificate official website production, and feedback to the users to use all features of this certificate the production site, whether it is a certificate download, or do not provide a certificate to download, are in the same way. There is no difference.
    2, the current certificate production process has been a huge difference, although still Saipan certificate provides the developer’s official website certificate, but in the IMEI number of restrictions, while the addition of a software limitation required UID, that is because of this limitation led us can no longer use developers to use signatures.
    We are also testing a new certificate because the time is with our own development of “mobile home assistant” sign and test, but the “phone home aide,” the UID is in the developer certificate to the extent allowed, so misleading our developers. Misconception that the developer provide a certificate can still make this weekend, we found a lot of normal users can not sign in the feedback problem, after deliberation, and do the test again, and re-visit the official website of the documents, only to find that lead to certification can not go on making great changes. Well, now the situation is: no matter which site, changes in the current situation is not the case, you can not then provide a certificate to the production function. Unless you can break out of Saipan with a certificate of the official website of the root certificate, or theory, no solution. We will: 1, can not be used to delete all the certificates and related data. (Completed) 2, functions in the import certificate, the developer refused to accept the new certificate. (Completed) 3, in our signature channel as soon as you clear prompts to the user, certificates suspended indefinitely. (Completed) In addition, the original import certificate, signature, including web and PC side, the phone side of the signature features are not affected. But to remind that only the old version of developer certificate valid for three years. In other words, your certificate, valid up to the end of May 2014. Of course, then you are probably already do not have a Symbian phone system. 🙂 If it is a very low number of applications required permissions, such as theme, you can also use our self-signed function. More sentences. We believe that this huge developer certificate policy changes, at least on the domestic users of the system a lot of Saipan is a blow, while Nokia and developers may not be good news. We are also in private that the development of a better way to win. Certificate production function, in theory, this is a risk behavior, but each have their own position, especially in China. But since the situation has changed, we hope for the best bar. Once again our mistakes, to apologize to you the user waiting. We will also continue to look for a solution, with the words, will tell you the first time. Mobile home team 2011.06.26

  15. sir please provide me the certificate and key for my nokia 5800…
    imei=354182027843158 plz sir its is really imp for me….

  16. the website has been changed…i cant understand the new website…..sobs…. i need my phone to be hacked/……….someone should help please

  17. Love your symbion device here after.Sorry for this lateral entry. Best solution for certificate error expired date unable to install protected application from a untrusted supplier application access not granted ………etc.all in one solution. works on all symbion devices. No need of pc.simple pollution.if you believe just mail me i send this trick back to you with required(3) files in zip folder and steps. no need of imei this not depends on imei. just turn off platform security manager. No need to sign every application.

    My mail id:

  18. hey .. i got this notification
    your IMEI infinite pause, can not obtain a certificate etc function
    plz help

  19. m using nokia E5
    i want to disable it’s camera shutter sound.. i downloaded an application but it said expired certificate
    i tried getng d certificate but it ws useless again..
    can any1 help me with this???

  20. when i apply for a certificate an error occured ‘YOUR IMEI ………… INFINITE PAUSE, CAN NOT OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE…….’

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