Nokia N86 8MP Firmware v11.043 Now Available

Following suit from the recently released Nokia N97, its younger sibling the N86 has also been updated to the v11 firmware. The update should bring bug fixes and stability improvements and is available via both the Nokia Software Updater and over the air. The N86 features user data preservation so you can update without having to loose any data.

Nokia N86 Firmware v11 Now Available

Unconfirmed reports suggest tweaks for the camera and video recording, Ovi Store integration, an update for the Maps application and better performance in the landscape mode, along with improvements in the browser Share Online and Settings Wizard performance.

In you notice any changes, make sure you let us know via the comments section.

[via: Spaziocellulare]

4 thoughts on “Nokia N86 8MP Firmware v11.043 Now Available”

  1. My n86 says no updates available now..& i admit that its screen is & clear..far better than my old n85 & my new n97 resistive screen.although its 240*320 not 640*360 like n97.

  2. Pratik, like always the firmware for the Indian product codes is generally a little late. Even the N97 that came out last week isn’t available yet, although there are indications of a next week release.

  3. hello, some one help me to solve my problem.
    1) my nokia n86 8mp network coverake cuts rapidly and some time say no coverage.when i resart the phone it become normal for some time.
    2) it take about 10 to 20 seconts to sent a massage some time it fail to sent .
    someone help me

  4. Hi all,
    I thought i will post some of my experiences with the new firmware which i updated recently thro NSU.
    Good points:
    1.I have not had even one freeze and hangup after updating.
    2. The GPS signal on Garmin mobile is just amazing, i get a satellite lock under 1 min with it and after that i can even close the slide without losing the signal.
    3. The buggy startup and shutdown is much quicker.

    Not so good points:
    1. The firmware is now unhackable, ie once i changed the product code i was unable to chage it back to the original with NSS.
    2. The network reception was absolute crap but little better, but even my very old nokia 3230 has a better reception than the n86 with the new firmware. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next update, if there is one.
    3. I had to do a hard reset to play video recordings because strangely there would be no video only sound.

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