How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

I am sure all of you at some point or the other have wanted to turn of the camera/shutter sound while taking pictures or videos for a variety of reasons. While on a handful of product codes you can simply turn of the ‘Warning Tones’ from the profiles menu to silence the camera tone, on most handsets that tip doesn’t work.

How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

Enter this exceedingly small patch (under 1KB) that you can install to get rid of the annoying sound. There is no need to ‘hack’ your phone for this to work.

  • Install it and turn off the ‘Warning tones’ from the profiles menu. (If the warning tones are already set to off, then turn them on and then off).
  • If the camera sound is still not off, restart the phone once.

I have tested it on my N97 and E75, but the patch should work on other devices too. Enjoy.

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  1. I got this to work to put the Mute phone app onto a Nokia E5.
    Steps below after about a week and lots of dead ends!
    Done late Jan 2012
    1. Download the Mute sis file from
    2. Join the new OKI store development site that is meant to make everything easier.
    Here you pay a 1 euro fee with credit card to join.
    Then you send them an email as per the instructions.
    then they send you a bunch of files including
    a filed named NOKIA_2012-01-18.crt
    (I later had to copy and rename this file to NOKIA.cer to get to work)
    and file
    and a sis file
    and an acrobat how to install file.
    3. Then I went to this web site

    And then to this site to get the feesigner SIS file.

    This is an old file so once you get this SIS file on your phone it doesnt work for current date yet.

    3. Then tried to load the Installer SIS file

    Didnt work, said installer already exists / developer thing already exists.
    I turned the phone off and on a bunch of times between steps.

    So I then went into applications, found the R&D developer application and removed or deleted or uninstalled it.
    Then clicked again in the SIS file


    And this time it said installation complete.

    Turn phone off and on.

    4. Then opened the Freeinstaller file SIS
    BUT to do this I then had to change the PHONE time back to 1.1.2009
    (PS Steps 3 and 4 I actually did the other way around)

    Then I click on the SISX file
    that I had dowwnloaded from the web site called
    FreeSigner v.1.00 by junnikokuki.sisx

    And with the old DATE then this application loads OK and says installation complete.

    Then turn phone off and on and change date back to todays date.

    5. Then go into the Freesigner application to SETTINGS and then link the FREE SIGN settings to the two files.
    Had to rename one file

    a filed named NOKIA_2012-01-18.crt
    (I later had to copy and rename this file to NOKIA.cer to get to work)
    put this as the CER file, once renamed the file

    and file
    as the KEY FILE

    Then within freeisigner select the mute camera sis file using ADD
    and then the GO! process in the application

    and it then gives a positive message and creates a new file with an X on the end

    And then when I double click on this SISX file it says INSTALLATION complete!
    Then turn phone off and on again and prepare for a few more steps, but
    try the camera and there is no sound!!!!

    Now I can take pictures out the window of the train of the boats without annoying
    all my fellow train travellers!

    Unbelieveable number of steps to get something done!

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  3. Its really amazing. I have tried it in my nokia N95-2 mobile set and it is working as good as my wonder. Thank you very much for your sharing regarding the patch.

  4. Thanks a milion for this great patch!
    Works perfectly with hacked C5-00.

    Apply Symantec-Hack (h**p://
    Install patch
    Restart Phone
    Cam is silent

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