Key Lock Clock Updated With New Fonts, Light Timeout & Auto Keylock

Dr Jukka has very kindly informed us of an update to the new Key Lock Clock application that we told you about on Wednesday. Key Lock Clock allows you to hit the menu key while the phone is locked to display the time, date and other information.

Key Lock Clock Updated

The update brings:

  • The ability to choose your favourite font.
  • Set the light time out after pressing the menu button.
  • Automatic keylock.
  • A fix for the 12 hour clock.
  • A fix for the light not remaining on during charging.

You can choose between the 12/24 hour version by selecting the appropriate mode from the clock settings. Download the latest version here. You can sign the app via the Open Signed website or use this tutorial to get a certificate for yourself and sign it on the phone itself.

7 thoughts on “Key Lock Clock Updated With New Fonts, Light Timeout & Auto Keylock”

  1. i like the update. i like the 12 hour format. One more request. while it’s charging, the date and the clock stays in the same place. i’m worried about parts of that might burn into the screen if it stays on. is there anyway you can make the clock disappear and reappear higher and lower? maybe every 3 seconds it disappears and then it appears a few inches higher or lower.

    thank you

  2. nevermind that previous post. i can simply turn off the screen while it’s charging.

    How about the clock stays on when there is a new txt message or a missed call? that would be great if it can do that.

  3. the clock looks great but how can I get the lights to stay on whilst charging?

    Mine just switches off after the normal time span.

    Am I being dumb and missing an obvious setting?

    Nokia 5800

  4. I don’t like the delay this program causes when you lock the phone. There is almost a 2-3 second delay before the screen goes off when you lock it…

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