New Nokia 5800 Firmware v30 Brings Homescreen Email, Speed & Stability Improvements

The Nokia 5800 has received yet another update in the form of the v30.0.011 firmware. The update helps improve the speed and responsiveness of the device and free up some more RAM for some multitasking goodness. The one things that it adds is a email shortcut on the homescreen for quick access to your email.

Nokia 5800 v30 Firmware

The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU), and is slowly making its way over the air (OTA) as well. If you do not find the update, it means that its not available for your product code yet and that you will have to wait.

If the email shortcut does not show up after the update, try toggling the home screen view from the settings menu. If that doesn’t work, a hard rest should. Although the 5800 supports user data preservation, it is recommended you backup before you update.

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14 thoughts on “New Nokia 5800 Firmware v30 Brings Homescreen Email, Speed & Stability Improvements”

  1. Nokia 5800 v100 update features (Expected, Dt : 1, Jan 2010)

    GUI :
    1. Clock Screensaver / Animated wallpaper
    2. Theme/ profile which may be programmed to change as per time/ day / week.
    3. Creation of subfolder in Image gallery and selecting multiple images in one go for transferring/ deleting.
    4. Drag and drop option for customizing the grid view Icon. On transferring file/ icon/ folder from one location to another, view should return to the source folder and not the destination folder.
    5. Option for single line scrolling for Contacts / Messages / Music / Images etc.

    Calling Features :
    6. View full screen caller image.
    7. Call record option.
    8. View A-Z on one screen for searching contacts.
    9. View Name and Number in contact list and during dialing.
    10. Dial selected contact without prompt for voice call.

    Music Features :
    11. Music file may be handled like images. They may be dragged and dropped in desired folder.
    12. Create album and add songs as desired in the album.
    13. No License songs which get blocked now and then.

    Message Features :
    14. Messages may be dragged and dropped into desired folders.
    15. The default memory should be MMC whenever it is inserted and selected.
    16. The messages may be send via Bluetooth to paired device.

    Additional features :
    17. Provide free antivirus as a part of package.
    18. MS office is free to download. Give it pre loaded.

  2. hi there,
    i got a nokia 5800 XM version 30 and i am having a problem with my home screen. the phone and contacts shortcut as well as the other shortcuts are not working. i want to restore my phone to factory settings but i can remember the lock code…can somebody help me please? thank you in advance…please help me

  3. Here it is: *#7370# (for hard reset)
    Then it will ask for password: 12345

    Hope this works out for you. 🙂

  4. That was for the soft reset. Here is the hard reset way:

    Hard reset only works if you had previously updated the phone to v20. Please make backup before applying this type of reset, since it will restore the phone’s settings as well as erasing all the data in the phone memory.

    1. Switch off the phone.
    2. Press GREEN + RED + CAMERA + ON simultaneously until you see the
    “Select Country” option.

    The default password is 12345. You need to press and hold the key until the number appear.

  5. pls i need help with my 58oo i will like to upgrade to this version but i like in nIgeria and i use the MTN Network. i can find updates over the air, my mail if +2347067410403, is my mail address. pls i need help i sometime wanna thro the phone away. my secondary camera is not working also

  6. when im calling someone and there on their engaged in a call already, my fone does not display any call waiting notifications, needhelp wit this asap

  7. Halo,

    cCan anyone plez tell me how to record phone conversation? First i receive a call after that? i tried option but no voice recorder there,then i tried show open apps..about 4 icons but no voice to get the voice recorder to handy during a phone conversation, where’s the trick? anyone?

  8. Pls help i cannot upgrade my firmware in my 5800 version V21.0.025 my code 0588664 i so many times to try to upgrade but still in v21.0.025 .. what can i do to upgrade my firmware.. pls help me


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