Poll: Will You Be Getting A N900?

Nokia N900Nokia World is ongoing and needless to say we will be seeing a ton on content on the N900. Some of you may have even seen some of it. Based on what you have heard/seen/read or will see/hear/read in the next few days will you buy/preorder a N900? (Pre-orders have already started in some countries).

I know I will. It will be nice to experience a new OS from Nokia. What are your reasons?

11 thoughts on “Poll: Will You Be Getting A N900?”

  1. I just bought my XpressMusic 5800 a few months ago, so I can’t shell out for another device. Beyond that, I still don’t see the attraction of Netbooks. That said, I would be very interested in the N900’s OS.

  2. Hmmm – after the crushing disappointment of the N97 I think think it may be a while before I risk another N-series handset. The hardware looks up to snuff (if the specs are to be believed) But then the N97 looked good on paper too. I agree with Brian above – the most exciting part is the new OS. “Androidesque” is how I might describe it. Lets see if its as good as certain other Linux based OS’s – if so, this handset will kick some serious bottom. Apple may actually have some serious competition. About time too.

  3. No. I mostly use Google services, therefore, Android is my choice because of the tight integration with said services.

    No longer interested in OVI and Nokia phones in the U.S. – the service and support for both are non-existent or infantile at best.

  4. No, done with Nokia phones. The phone I am using right now, Nokia N79 is my last Nokia phone. Will be jumping ship now to the Blackberry bandwagon with curve 8900. Will take it from there, how it goes but definitely the next will be either a blackberry (depending on curve’s performance) or an iPhone for sure. Nokia has not put enough emphasis on services and that’s a huge letdown for me.

  5. Nokia phones are my favorite. Right now, I am using E71 but will surely change and use N900 for a good experience. It looks awesome. The features are also good. Will surely buy one very soon.

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