Nokia X6 Passes The FCC Hurdle – Out Come The Bare Bone Pictures & User Manual

The X6 may just be one of the most good looking phones to come out of Nokia, but the FCC has a way of producing no so flattering shots with the best of devices. The X6 is Nokia’s first capacitive touch Symbian smartphone and packs a 3.2″ screen and 32GB of internal storage. It will be a 450 Euro ‘Comes with Music’ device at the start with a non CwM variant expected in Q1 next year.

Nokia X6 Passes X6 Hurdle

The significance of FCC clearance is that it has been cleared for sale in the US and for the rest of us it means that we can get access to internal and external photos and of course, the draft user manual. The device is expected to ship before the end of this year in select market, for those of you in India, Q1 next year is more realistic.

[via: EngadgetMobile]