Nokia N900 Pre-Order Details/Offers

A few weeks ago, I started a poll on The Symbian Blog about whether you will buy a Nokia N900 and here is how the results are progressing so far.

N900 - Will You Buy Poll

So if you fall in those 48% that would like to own a N900, I’d like to remind you that Nokia started taking pre-ordes for the N900 a little while ago and they have slowly been adding more and more countries to the ones that will get the N900 first. As of today, you can pre-order a N900 if you live in any of these countries:

Nokia N900 Pre-Order Details/Offers

The price of the N900 is 499 Pounds if you are in the UK, 599 Euro if you in Europe and $650 if you are in the US. But if you are in the US, there is an even better deal to be had via Amazon, they have it listed for $582.99.  In some countries, Nokia also has promotions such as a free Bluetooth headset if you Pre-Order.

Direct Links To The Nokia Online Store: