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Maemo Central has been born as a result of the new direction that Maemo promises to take. From being a platform for Nokia’s Internet Tablets it has moved to the platform of choice for Nokia’s ‘mobile computer’. Maemo 5 in its current state promises a fresh new experience coupled with a very visually appealing UI. Add to that the power of open source and the hacker community that Nokia is already encouraging, and you have a very potent mixture.

Maemo 6 promises much more. The possibility of multitouch, QT based applications and more running on top of the line hardware that Nokia churns out is an enticing prospect indeed. With that backdrop, I am pleased to give you MaemoCentral.com, your one stop destination for all things Maemo.


About the Site:

Our focus will be on news, reviews, guides and videos of Maemo devices and applications, and to help you get more from your Maemo-powered device.


Maemo Central is a project by Vaibhav Sharma who also runs The Symbian Blog.


In order to keep up with all the latest Maemo Central updates you can subscribe to our free full feed RSS and even follow us via Twitter @MaemoCentral.


Maemo Central will be under active development over the new few days so I will greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. Please use the contact page or the comments section to get in touch.

Hope you have a pleasant stay.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve started this site. Really excited about the N900 and really looking forward to what you have to say…!

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