Ovi Journeys – The Evolution Of SportsTracker Is Coming

I have just gotten off a Q&A session with the Ovi Maps team and representatives from Digital Globe, the details of which I will share with you shortly. But there is one thing I am really excited about – Ovi Journeys.

Ovi Journeys, in the words of the Ovi Maps team is going to be the ‘evolution of the Sports Tracker’ application and even Nokia Vine, if you will. Nokia Vine never really got started but Sports Tracker remains an application that I love, specially for recording journeys. The way it works is that it runs in the background and records the track you have followed on your trip, geo tags the videos and photos that you take while on the trip and presents them on a map outlining where you went and the exact spots where you took the images and video. Quite simply the best way to record a journey.

Ovi Journeys

Recently support for Sports Tracker has been wavering, specially for the touch devices. Now we know why, Ovi Journeys is coming! I hope they keep the option of exporting data from the application, its great to import it into Google Earth at times and trace your route on the computer. Nokia Vine did not have that option and I missed it.

What would you like to see in Ovi Journeys?

11 thoughts on “Ovi Journeys – The Evolution Of SportsTracker Is Coming”

  1. I would love, love, love to see full integration with Ovi Maps.
    In an almost latitude-esque way; my old Sports Tracker buddies are my friends on Ovi Journey (which syncs with maps), so any photos I take are kept and stored and available as a… layer… when I’m using Maps as usual.

    User case:

    I’m walking through Piccadilly Circus, London, using Ovi Maps to Navigate, I have ‘journey sync’ switched on and there, on the map I see a photo of my friend Ricky Cadden of when he passed through that spot on a recent holiday.

    That’d be cool. As well as reviews etc… you could trace other people’s journeys, you could create journeys for other people to trace…

    I’d love to do a Soho one, i.e.: You come to London, you don’t know what to do one day and you can log on and track ‘the bars of soho’ via @whatleydude’

    Feature request a go go! 😀

  2. I love sportstracker and use it to compare my weekily runs with targets; times, exact distance etc. Nokia should have inc this in the firmware as most friends that have gps enabled nokias don’t know of its existance. I look forward to ovi journeys incorporating itself with the in built maps which sportstracker doesn’t appear to do and perhaps including it on the phone to start with. Hoping they do not lose any of the sports functionailty.

  3. James, those are really killer ideas and I absolutely love the creating journeys for other people thought, it would definately be awesome to see that done. It also shouldn’t be very hard to incorporate as the Ovi Maps web version already allows you to create routes and sync them across.

    After reading through the comments, I find myself looking forward to Ovi Journeys even more. As to what devices would it support, my guess is that support for S60 5th Edition will come first because according to the Ovi Maps team that’s their current focus.

  4. http://www.technopolis.fi/index.php?id=279&news_id=831
    “… Sports Tracking Technologies is developing applications based on
    the extremely popular Nokia Sports Tracker application, which
    millions of mobile phone users have downloaded worldwide. The
    company plans to roll out a number of new applications and tools
    in the coming months, including extending their client offering
    to cover new platforms in addition to Nokia’s Series 60.”

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