Get The Default N900 Wallpaper For Your Device

There is something about the default N900 wallpapers that makes the device come alive, the inherent freshness is indeed refreshing. Since Nokia’s touch devices also have fairly large screens (with a slightly lower resolution), I figured it would be a good idea to load these up on my N97 and I am glad to say it did look good.

Get The Default N900 Wallpaper For Your Device

The S60 5th Edition software automatically resizes the picture to fit the image in the landscape mode and it crops out a part of the image to make it look good in portrait. So if you like what you see, take a pick from one of these wallpapers (full size uploads on flickr) or simply click here to download the entire set in one go.

N900 Wallpaper 1

N900 Wallpaper 2

N900 Wallpaper 3

N900 Wallpaper 4

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