The v20 Firmware For The N97 Is Now Available

It is time to fire up the Nokia Software Updater now. The long awaited v20.0.019 firmware for the N97 is now available and I cannot stress the importance of this firmware enough. It will transform the N97 experience and will lead many to say that this was the firmware Nokia should have shipped the device with. The update is currently only available via the Nokia Software Updater and is a 134 MB download. We should also start seeing the over the air rollout soon. The N97 features user data preservation so you can upload without the fear of loosing data but I suggest a clean install after formatting the device (*#7370#) for the best experience.

N97 v20 Firmware Now Available

It brings better RAM management, better internal storage management, speed improvements, stability and the biggest improvements of them all being all round kinetic scrolling across all lists. The update will also bring a few new widgets among other things. There is no official changelog yet, so I will keep updating as I find new things.

Incidentally, the N97 Mini will ship with the same firmware.

[Thanks Anuj]

19 thoughts on “The v20 Firmware For The N97 Is Now Available”

  1. Thanks for the optimism, but it’s actually the first thing I did when I read your post 😉 I wouldn’t have commented on this before trying. This said, who knows, it may be that it’ll get released faster than previous updates.

  2. hrm – i’m in USA updating from 12.2.024 to 20.2.019

    the download went normally, and the install seemed to be fine until i heard the device restart (nokia startup sound played) but the NSU is stuck saying, “Estimated time left: 19 seconds”.

    the phone is running, *#0000# reveals that it HAS v20 firmware, but the NSU is stuck. i doubt i’m missing anything, but maybe some post-flight installs are queued up?

    anyone else see something similar?

  3. i’ve noted a few new icons and application maes (settings wizzard is now called phone setup; msg reader has new icon)

    but no new widgets? wasn’t vlingo supposed to be preinstalled on this firmware along with a bunch of new widgets?

  4. @sanjiv,
    It is available for the Indian product codes, I used the NSU to install it. What product code do you have?

  5. Why dont you guys try changing the product code of your device?I did it and got the update.Kinetic scrolling is smooth.Its a welcome update.

  6. for my product code(0587487) upgrade is still not available in india…….

    but i’ll try by changing product code of my device

  7. So far it pretty ordinary.

    Kinetic scrolling is nice, but it’s NOT through everything as promised.

    No new home screen widgets as promised.

    Barely any more space as promised.

    New included ‘free’ Vlingo app – which resides on main memory, can not be removed. One of everyone’s major complaints was the lack of main memory, so Nokia though it’d be a good idea to include more unwanted crap on it for the 2.0 release. Good thinking.

    Photo thumbs are now displayed in a way that better utilises the screen real estate, but video thumbnails are still displayed the old way. What’s with the inconsistency?

    I haven’t noticed any significant performance increase, but it’s early days.

    Well done Nokia – so much hype – so many promises – piss poor result.

    This update was make or break for me with the N97, and I have to say it’s pretty disappointing. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt up until now, so it’s time to sell this P.O.S. and get a real phone.

    So long Nokia, you won’t be missed.

  8. I woulden even try and wait for this update for my danish mobile, as my N5800 got it last update back in Dec, and i had to debrand it cause the mobile companys could care less about consumer well being of phones that dont work with old firmware

  9. Hi !
    Thanks for this blog.
    I was wondering, will Kinetic Scrolling be available for 5800 XPressMusic one day ? It would be great…

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