Have Questions About The N97’s v20 Firmware? Put Them Down Here!

At 17:30 GMT today I and a few other invitees will be attending a Q&A around the N97’s v20 firmware. We will be joined by Nokia representatives Frank Zillikens, the Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu, a member of the technical team responsible for the recent firmware upgrade to talk about:

  • Where you see the N97 going in the future.
  • How you’re getting on with the device.
  • What you do and don’t like about v20.
  • What further improvements you would like to see.
  • Why certain aspects of the Firmware are like they are – This is the one I’m really interested in.

I’m sure you have questions, so please put them down below and I will try and get an answer for you. Although I doubt questions like, ‘When will v20 be out for my region?’ will get a specific answer. Time is running out.

14 thoughts on “Have Questions About The N97’s v20 Firmware? Put Them Down Here!”

  1. – Have you fixed the problem with Nokia Messeging eating up all the C: Drive memory?

    – What extra steps will you be taking to improve the C: Drive memory situation

    – Do you feel a tad disappointed that your flagship device has had so many mistakes and errors in. What major errors have been ironed out?

    – Is this it now, can you really say that this will speed up and make the N97 more stable.

    – When’s v3 out and what are you developing for v3?

  2. I’d like to ask why apps such as Mail for Exchange and, Nokia Messaging and Java Runtime are only installable to C:, when C: is incredibly small in the first place.

    Also, why was the bug regarding message storage reverting back to the C: from E: drive when the handset has been connected to a PC via the USB cable left unresolved?

  3. The new firmware is great. It brings many bug fixes and improvements. I especially like the speed improvement, the better memory management, the copy-paste shortcut, and of course the kinetic scrolling.

    However, there are 2 really annoying bugs that are still there:
    1) Others cannot hear you clearly when you use the speaker.
    2) There is a keyboard mapping bug in the greek version of the phone. To make the accented capital letters appear, you should press ‘ and the letter that is on the left of the letter that you want to write. For example, ‘+I doeasn’t bring ‘I but ‘O. This happens with every accented capital vowel. I have submitted this bug to the greek representative of Nokia since July, but it is obvious that they didn’t inform the parent company (Alpha Copy, the greek Nokia representative is notorious for not serving their customers). I would be glad if you inform them of that bug.

  4. I have a few questions:

    Is Virtual RAM is possible? maybe use 1GB from the mass memory to speed the phone up, allowing for better animation which should also be utilised a lot more

    Copy and Paste from browser, is absolutely essential especially when it comes to wanting to dial numbers from the browser (having to remember them to dial is a pain)

    Will ovi store ever become a proper application rather than a web based one which is pretty slow.

    How come the kinetic scrolling in applications and especially in profile chooser on the home page, is very slow and laggy compared to lists and would this be improved if the virtual ram was an option?

  5. After being a huge fan of Nokia in the last years having and using the N82 and E71 I am giving up on the N97, the final push being this V2.

    I would like to ask the Nokia team why I had to run back and forth to Orange service ten times in the last month, reinstalling firmware, updating contacts and scheduling to be there again a few days later.

    After much pain and a trial to pass from v1 to v2 on the original N97 Orange gave me a brand new V2 N97. At home discovered that scheduling data had not passed correctly so all appointments were lost. Again setup gmail account, installed fring and waze gps again, I am an expert by now. At 10am the day after all mail was lost and gmail setting zeroed as the new fresh N97 V2 crashed. That was it.

    I am not waiting for V3 and my next mobile will not be a Nokia, but I would really want to know from the team if they feel Nokia has put enough QA efforts lately and if they believe this is the right way to use their brand because Nokia scored another incredible success by forcing me to look for other solutions.

    Btw, I would be really surprised to get an answer that will prove they are back in the main path.

  6. How come Google maps works better picking the GPS signal from 3 or 4 Sats when Nokia Maps fails to pick any signal at all?

    Also why the Release url still Version 3.1 say when infact the version of Nokia Map released was only 3.01?

    Why did the New firmware didn’t include the AccWeather Widget? and the new N97mini does includes a newer version 1.1.0? And where can we download the latest version from Ovi Store sti has the older version?


  7. In many blogs I saw in the changelog something about VoIP/SIP support. But is not correct, the N97 isn’t full compatible yet to Internet Call like N95 and E71.

    Do you have any clue when will release the full support to VoIP?



  8. I would like it if the next software update(after v20) could create more RAM in the phone’s internal memory as the phone is very slow with handling everyday functions. I think the kinetic scolling should also be refined as it laggs when scroling through applications. When browsing photos, it takes a while til the photo reaches standard quality. When in silent mode the camera still makes ‘snapping’ sound, it should completly mute the whole phone when silent profile is chosen.

  9. And something else……..it would be nice if there is a video player that can play .avi files as i have to convert every file before putting it on my phone.

  10. I think there is something strange in firmware v2.0.
    ( i had the same problem in previous firmware.)

    whn i select the messaging> options> settings> other settings> show messages in group to YES.

    when i get back in messaging> inbox> options> sort by> sender. it doesnt grou the messages recived by sender…

    when i make a call and there is no response from the other side… i have to wait a while to get to the homescreen. When i press the red hangup key, the command is not operated quickly…
    confused with these situations…

  11. So I don’t know if you guys are aware of the problem with N97 failing to start up. So I updated the newest software on my N97, and it worked just fine. But suddenly one day, it failed to start up. When I tried to turn it on, it just got stuck at the white screen with the blue ‘NOKIA’ logo and stays there forever. It won’t recognize USB connect with my laptop or wall charger. And I have been browsing the NokiaUSA site’s discussion board. It seems some other people with N97 have been experiencing the same problem, failure to start up. So I had to hard reset my phone, pressing ‘backspace’ + ‘space’ + ‘typing language switch’ + ‘the power’ button. My phone was back to factory setting. But the problem still exist! When I turn it off, I can NOT turn it on, instead just having the white screen with NOKIA logo. and I have reset my phone multiple times already! Nothing changes!
    im devastated

  12. Hi, I´ve had a N95 for a couple of years and one of several useful applications is Activity Monitor, how can I have om a N97 mini?.Regards.Jorge

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