Solving The Maemo Project Mystery – Step 1

Yesterday, I had received a new video based on the Maemo Project theme, it had no description and said very little. With a bit of community effort, it is now clear that it was part of a larger video that has been broken into small parts and sent to various Maemo blogs. The part that I have is number 5. We have been trying to put together all the parts and recreate the original to get an idea of what we are dealing with, follow the progress here.

It also appears that once complete it will look like the following video which was recorded at the Maemo Summit by Mark. But since the quality is a little off and the audio not 100% this video can only act as a reference and not the clue.

We seem to have Part 0, 2, 5, 6 and 8 in place at the time I write this. Have you seen the others?

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