Deal Alert: Get A N900 For $480

I just came across this awesome Dell deal which allows you to get a shiny new N900 for as low as $480. Sadly, the deal is US only and includes a mail-in-rebate of $50, but if you are in the US and have been thinking about picking up a N900 for yourself, this should provide the motivation.

Deal Alert: Get A N900 For $480

There is no word on when the pre-orders will ship, but even if they are a little late, the added savings could be well worth it. Before you pull the trigger, one word of caution – I read through the terms of the rebate and one of the things is that you need to activate the Ovi Store on your N900 before you can claim the rebate, however the N900 as of now doesn’t have the Ovi Store available for it. So either its a printing error as the rebate is available for other Nokia devices such as the N97 as well or is an indication that we shall very soon see the Ovi Store debut on the N900.

3 thoughts on “Deal Alert: Get A N900 For $480”

  1. hi Vaibhav,

    Any update on when n900 will possibly be launched in India. Is it worth waiting or is it better to get on from states.


  2. Bipin, at $480 it is a steal. So if you get one from there go for it! From what I’ve seen, the N900 isn’t coming here anytime soon! 🙁

    Even if it does, it will be way more expensive than what it currently is in the US.

  3. if only i knew of the 480 pricing!!!!!!! im not gonna order it until feb 2010, dell people told me that is when i would get it anyway. scumbags…

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