The Nokia E72 v E71 Head To Head

The E72 press release itself stated that it was designed to build on the success of the E71. It in many ways in very similar to the E71 – dimensions, weight, form factor and so on, infact show the E71 and E72 to a layman on the street and chances are he’ll be at a loss to identify separately.

But there is quite a bit to the E72 that is new. The faster 600 mhz processor, feature pack 2 with all the fancy UI and under the hood improvements, a 3.5mm jack, a very good 5 Megapixel Camera and a few more things. But how good is it? Is it really worth the upgrade?

We find out in the following video.

16 thoughts on “The Nokia E72 v E71 Head To Head”

  1. Thanks for a super cool video, nice to see the devices head to head with good and relevant commentary.

    How about GPS performance, did you notice a difference?
    Does the new feature pack feature better integrated VOIP, or chat like gchat, ala the N900?
    How is battery life compared?
    Is the camera a big improvement, and can you make some youtube samples of the video function.

    I am looking forward to the full review!

  2. Olav, thank you for the kind words.

    GPS – I haven’t tested it extensively but the E72 did accquire a lock reasonably quicky. I’d say it is similar to the E71 in this department, but it does have a compass which the E71 doesn’t.

    VOIP/Chat – No there is no real improvement here. Infact my favourite VOIP app Truphone is not yet compatible with the E72.

    Battery Life – Given similar usage the battery life technically should improve due to Feature Pack 2. However because of the better camera and 3.5mm jack I find myself using the E72 more than I did the E71 so the gain balances out.

    Camera – It is a huge improvement. The E72 can even record in the VGA resolution although sadly at 15 FPS. But compared to the E72 its a huge plus. I’ll try and get a few samples for you.

  3. Hey,
    I’m considering upgrading my E71. My major annoyance with Nokia phones is the access point selection crap that hasnt changed since when i owned an n-gage.

    Is that any better?

  4. Nokia E72 specification includes a 5 mega pixel camera , 4GB internal memory expandable upto 16GB ,qwerty keypad ,existing Nokia Eseries communication facilities and integration to social
    networking websites and new Nokia Ovi store . 5mpx camera with autofocus for recording videos upto a quality of 30fps . Nokia E72 has excellent email ,instant messaging facilities which are essential qualifications for a businessman class phone. Improved navigational facilities through assisted GPS,compass and Nokia maps is another Nokia E72 feature built for a busy businessman’s life with Qwerty keyboard…cheers!!!

  5. E72 Bad Things:-
    – It does not auto recognise capital alphabet like E71
    – When u type fast it skips some alphabet
    – When u insert a Image in a word sheet it doesnt recognise
    – Whenever u restart ur phone most of the times u lose your email setting.
    – Web browsing is slower than E71
    – You cannot underline or use bold or italic through shortcuts in word like Ctrl U, B, I like E71
    – This phones hangs now and then like a windows based.
    – Contacts shortkey does allow u to add new contact after long hold.
    – Basic Barcode reader is missing.
    – Web Feeds in missing in he bookmark list, u need to go to setting and find it.
    – Mailbox clock switches the date at 12 noon. So u get the mail dated to next date.
    – Memory card in setting is missing which was usefull in E71, like format etc.
    – Nokia has saved it time by not making new O.S. Has used N-Series user interface which does match with the E-Series User Interface.
    – Optical Key not at all usefull
    – The System is so slow that even setting come very slow, and if u try to select things fast then it leaves you back to the home screen including surfing mails.
    -Battery Backup is only about 1 and half days, and more worse is that u cannot trust this phone as day 1 it shows full battery, and second day you wont even come to know when it comes from full to drain.
    – Even if Wi-Fi server is not found it still says Hidden Wi-Fi found.
    – In Opera 10 Browser u cannot use ‘U’ it only uses *
    – Even space bar key hangs now and then and to use it we need to restart the phone.

    People please tell Nokia to find a way out of all this..

  6. Purchased Mocha Brown E72 today… trying to get hang of the trackpad and applications…

    Surprising my piece is auto restarted twice in the first day (when I was removing the headset), and some times when scrolling through the mail box it just hanged for some time (bout 1 minute processing)… 🙁

    Any idea guys, if this is an issue with my piece, particular model, or my network (Vodafone India)???

    Thanks in advance for your feedback. Will keep you posted on my experience.

  7. you know, i still think e63 better than both in ‘what you get’ comparison. i dont know with nokia, they always leaving ‘something’ to fix. and usually better at the next product..

  8. I just got my self a upgrade from My Nokia E71 to a Nokia E72 “White Edition”, but Sadly It Feels like a downgrade.

    Critical Issues faced :

    1> I Configured Mail for Exchange on the phone to sync with my google contacts, but I canot select only contacts and calender to sync, which i used u have in my E71. Only if mail sync is enabled it syncs contacts and calendar which was not the case in my E71, where i had selected it to sync only calendar and contacts but not the mail. Which is simply not possible with the new E72.

    2>The Nokia Messaging Email Client is outdated in my E72, But my E71 had 3.xx which stands out

    But the major issue is when we recieve a mail alert, it doesnt show to which mail box the new mail has come, I have about 8 mail boxes when i recieve a mail alert i actually have to visit all the 8 mail boxes to check where the mail has come.

    Also the biggest problem is when you locate the mail it shows in a plain text format, but my E71 use to display it in HTML format by default. The plain text has a lot of line breaks which shows up has huge gaps and you have to do a lot of scrolling to read the message which totally would have lost its formatting and is hard to make sense out of the email. You can view it in HTML, but then it shows retrieving for a long time and then opens up the mail, for a guy who gets around 50 emails a day doesnt make sense to wait each time to view in HTML..

    Note: You cant view HTML mail from MfE mail boxes at all!!

    As a legacy Nokia fan (have been since last 10 years, all my phones being nokia) I went and bought the E72 (regrets, plan to change to a Blackberry Device) after using the th E71 for quite a while, The E72 which actually is a E series business phone which cant do the basic things right. No wonder Nokia is loosing Their market share to Players like iPhone, Blackberrys, and Androids.

    Hope we see a patch or update soon, before ppl trash their E72, never look back to nokia again and opt for something like a blackberry with the same form factor. Which does all the above things in ease.

  9. e71 free ram is about 70mb, e72 is 40 mb. Launch 2 apps and you got issues. HUGE PROBLEM

    Camera doesn’t matter as no gsm camera is better than a digital one. e71 is also much cheaper.

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