Nokia Meetup On The 12th At Bangalore

I’ve just got word that Nokia will be holding a meet up on December 12 for all of you in and around Bangalore. The venue for the meetup is the Nokia Store at Off Brigade Road, and the meetup is expected to commence at 11:30 am and continue till about 5:00 pm.

Nokia Bangalore Meetup

At the meetup you will meet with the guys behind apps like Newshunt, Touch games and Mobile Search and help Nokia let you discover more about your phones. Not only that, anyone attending will get a voucher to download songs on the Nokia Music store for FREE. As a final incentive, there will be a lucky dip at the end of the meetup that’ll see someone ‘win some VERY exciting prizes’.

The best part is that the event is open for anyone to attend and all you need to do is RSVP via Facebook or Twitvite. You can also call this number if you have any queries +91-9740001422. If you think you will be in Bangalore on the 12th, I highly recommend that you try and make it to the meetup, it is always great fun to hang around like minded people.

4 thoughts on “Nokia Meetup On The 12th At Bangalore”

  1. Yes vaibhav it was a small but a nice event..
    I’ve recorded the developers say on their app.. It was great meeting all big heads of nokia and the developers too

    I’ll post them to my blog soon , don no when.. ive got my final sem xams coming up.. so wait for a while guys..



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