The Nokia N82, N95 & N95 8GB All Updated To The v35 Firmware

In a surprise but very welcome development, the N82 and both variants of the N95 have received a firmware update, taking them to v35. Specifically, the N95 (RM-159) is upto 35.0.02 & the N95 8GB (RM-320) is at 35.0.01 and the latest firmware for the N82 is now v35.0.002.

The Nokia N82, N95 & N95 8GB All Updated To The v35 Firmware

There is no changelog available yet and I am going through my drawers to look for my own N95 to update. Just a word of caution before you dive in yourself, just remember there is no user data preservation, so make sure you backup before you hit the NSU.

12 thoughts on “The Nokia N82, N95 & N95 8GB All Updated To The v35 Firmware”

  1. new firmware N95 8GB V35.0.01 the menu still not full screen there’s still ‘Menu’ words on the top with the blue and green sphere really disappointing >_<

  2. Have tried to update my N82 firmware from 31.0.016 to 35.0.002. Result? always got a popping window saying I need to unplug the usb cable, turn off and on my device and plug it in. Have tried several times with no luck at all. Anyone have similar problem?

  3. N82 has Xenon flash which gives absolutely amazing videos and photos. The phone is a solid performer with features like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The only problem I had here was the design which is a bit disappointing. The exterior feels a bit cheap and a lot needs to be done to improve the navigation buttons. There is also no US 3G support. If these flaws don’t matter much to you and if you are looking for a phone that offers great multimedia experience, Nokia n82 is what you’ve been looking for.

  4. As surya said i too experienced the same . I disconnected the cable and removed battery from the unit . Then restarted it and re connected the worked and upgraded to 35.0.002. But now i cannot hack my phone .

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