How To Enable Application Repositories On The N900 With One Click

Applications in Maemo are broadly categorised into three sections. Extras, Extras-Testing and Extras-Devel. Extras house those applications that are ready for all users, Extras-Testing houses applications which are not yet ready for normal users and are in a sort of beta. Extras-Devel is the place where applications reside when they are in the alpha mode and definitely not ready for the average consumer.

How To Enable Extras, Extras-Testing & Extras-Devel Repositories On The N900 With One Click

As you can imagine, the idea is to protect the new consumer from applications that can cause crashes, sluggish performance and other serious problems in the N900. But if you feel that you are up for being a beta tester and get access to the latest applications as soon as they come out, then the following will help you enable the aforesaid repositories on your N900 with a single click or even manually if you choose.

Enable Repositories Automatically

In order to enable each repository, open this page from your N900 and simply click on the corresponding link below. To make entering the address easier, here is a short URL –

Note: You will need to enable the extras-testing repository manually be following the steps below.

Enable Repositories Manually

Doing this manually is also possible, although it involves a little more work.

Enable Extras

  • Go into the Application manager.
  • Tap the menu -> Tools -> Application Catalogs
  • Double-tap maemo Extras.
  • Uncheck Disabled.

Enable Extras-Testing

  • Goto Application manager –> Application catalogs –> New
  • Catalog name: extras-testing
  • Web address:
  • Distribution: fremantle
  • Components: free non-free

Enable Extras-Devel

  • Goto Application manager –> Application catalogs –> New
  • Catalog name: Maemo Extras-devel
  • Web address:
  • Distribution: fremantle
  • Components: free non-free

I have regularly used applications from these repositories without bricking my device and having to reflash, but the consequences can be as severe. That being said, now enjoy a world of new apps on your N900!

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  2. Solved. Extras-devel still needs to be edited. Just add to distribution: “fremantle” and done 🙂 Is not one click but whatever!

  3. this may sound lil awkward but im completely helpless here,
    the thing is that,
    1: I istalled rooths and python.2.5 blah blah blah,

    2: i downloaded and transfered my .deb files {all required files} via computer,
    and installed them via x-terminal command

    3: I now have the the ussD pad on my app menu folder, and uSSD widget,

    4: the problem is, when i tried to launch the UssD pad, it shows me some sort of loading signals, after a while in automatical quit without even showing the application foreground,

    4: when i add the widget to my desktop, it refuses to show up.
    pls i dont knw if there is any dependancies that im missing???
    i dunno wat to do…
    pls i need help ASAP

  4. intruiging article.. I like your point of view on this matter. Although there are a couple points I oppose on though. But I think that clears up a few questions for me personally. Anyone else agree?

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